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We had a brief encounter with warmer, sunnier weather yesterday. That was nice and it made it harder for us to stay indoors and listen to records, but hey, we were listening to records and that’s one of our favorite pastimes. So, it worked out. But, we pulled a lot of stuff home yesterday from Underdog Records. Here’s the haul:



  • The Japanese House – Good At Falling — I had heard of The Japanese House (who is really just a pseudonym for Amber Bain) whilst watching something else. It was a showcase or something, I don’t remember. But, I liked what I heard. She’s ethereal, atmospheric and even though she uses Auto-Tune, she uses it for effect, not necessarily for patching shoddy vocals. I liked it. It’s a 2xLP and is in limited white vinyl. I usually don’t read the labels (my eyesight isn’t that good), but it says on this one that it’s to be played at 45RPM. I was a quarter through the first track before I realized something was amiss. New.
  • Van Morrison – Astral Weeks — #19 on the RS list, this is not my favorite VM album, nor do I like it all that much. It has some beautiful moments, but mostly, he warbles on a bit much for me. And, in one song he sounds like Porky Pig. I don’t know, I just don’t understand it, I guess. It’s on the list, it needs to be in my collection. New.
  • The Beatles – Abbey Road — #14 on the RS list. This album, along with The Beatles (#10) – also known as “the white album” – and Sgt. Pepper’s (#1) rotate being my favorite Beatles album, and now I have all three. I have had a couple of versions of this album but they have all been really crappy and I didn’t want my collection to reflect crappy versions. Especially on such an important album. 180g black vinyl remaster. New.
  • Band Of Horses – Acoustic At The Ryman — The Ryman is the theater that housed the Grand Ol’ Opry for many, many years. It has been refurbished and is now a legit music venue again (it has been for many years, this is not new). Band of Horses was one of the first bands I learned of from The BCPF, she calls them one of her faves. When we were doing mix CDs, she put a few tunes on there. I love “No One’s Gonna Love You” and that’s on here. New.
  • The Beat – The Beat — It is this band, who happened to release their album first, that prompted Dave Wakeling and his band The Beat to go by The English Beat in the US. In Europe this The Beat is known as Paul Collins’ Beat. It’s a long and confusing story, lawsuits happened (but not between bands but record labels and bands, hmmm). This is a promo copy of their debut from 1979 and is in really great shape. VG+.
  • Iron And Wine – The Shepherd’s Dog — I actually purchased this on Friday. Knowing that The BCPF also loves this band and we have seen him in concert, together, I sent a picture of it to her at work and her reply was “pant pant pant.” I didn’t know if that was a reference to the dog or what. I guess she was really happy. She told me later that it was the album that introduced her to Sam Beam’s (single person named as a band) work. So, she was excited. VG++.
  • Kansas  – Song For America — The band’s second studio album. VG+.
  • Kansas – Point Of Know Return — Their fifth studio album with the title track and “Dust in the Wind.” VG.
  • Blondie – The Best Of Blondie — VG+.
  • Rose Royce – Strikes Again — The official title is Rose Royce III: Strikes Again. I’m going to be completely honest and say the only reason I bought this is because I had it as a kid. I loved the look of it, the embossed raised rose, the purple and silver motif, I just dug it. I can’t tell you one single song off the album without looking it up, but I wanted it because it reminded me of my childhood. It is probably stashed away somewhere at Ma ‘Rents’ and if I find it one day, it will probably be in pretty torn up shape but I had it and that’s all that matters. VG+.
  • Walter Egan – Fundamental Roll — It’s Egan’s debut album. I like “Magnet and Steel” from his second album. This was there, in good shape, why not? VG+.
  • Robert Palmer – Clues — Palmer had played percussion on Talking Heads Remain in Light and Chris Frantz, the drummer from Talking Heads, returned that favor and played on this. I’m not familiar with any of the songs, but there are a couple co-written by Gary Numan (“Cars”) and one Lennon/McCartney song, “Not a Second Time.” It was found by The BCPF in the $1 bin. VG.
  • Roger Daltrey – One Of The Boys — Critic William Ruhlmann said in AllMusic that “Roger Daltrey called on a wider circle of friends for his third album and came up with a more varied collection of songs … But Daltrey was never in danger of getting lost in the all-star session. Nevertheless, the album was not treated as a major release and found only modest commercial success.” This album has songs written by Colin Blunstone (Zombies), Paul McCartney, Murray Head. Eric Clapton, John Entwistle, Keith Moon, Alvin Lee, Rod Argent and more played on it. Yet, I hear it’s mediocre. But, it was $1 and is in VG/VG+.
  • Book Of Love – Book Of Love — American synth-pop band in the vein of Depeche Mode with a majority of female members. It was $1 and The BCPF said it was in her wheelhouse so there you go. It’s in VG.

Underdog Records was rockin’ when we were there and it was getting crowded. That’s a good thing. Jonathan has just gone through a bunch of $1 albums and put them out for purchase. Listen to The Less Desirables newest episode on Wednesday night/Thursday mornings and hear what that week’s TLD/UR special is. Discogs helps me keep track of all this stuff.

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“He bad production. He got walrus gumboot. He got Ono sideboard. He one spinal cracker. He got feet down below his knee. Hold you in his armchair you can feel his disease. Come together, right now. Over me.” – “Come Together” (Lennon/McCartney)