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Yesterday I told you of a new podcast that I picked up. That will start production in late April and we will know more about the release once we’ve started that process. And, there will be more to come about that.


My new hippie bracelet from Carly and VibesUp Winston-Salem

This morning, I got my new VibesUp bracelet from my friend Carly Sink who owns VibesUp Winston-Salem over off of Reynolda Road. I have had my other bracelet from her for over a year and never went a day without it. After a while, sweat starts building up and the thing doesn’t smell all minty-fresh like it used to.

The bracelets have crushed crystals, each designed to help certain aspects of your life. To keep you vibing because according to the website, high and low vibrations can’t coexist. So, this keeps your vibes elevated, hence… “up.” Yeah, I know this is some hippie-dippie, new age stuff. I am also not saying I necessarily believe in it. But, I’m also not saying I don’t.

Each bracelet is focused on certain attributes the one I had before said “I Am Balance” which means the crystals were a cocktail specifically for balance. I felt that the last year or so of my life I was balanced. I also noticed that my Tourette Syndrome wasn’t as pronounced whilst wearing it. So, whether it works or not, in my head, it works.

The new bracelet that Carly brought me this morning was for “abundance.” I have had friends who have worn the abundance bracelet and swear that the universe is on their side with abundance. Can’t we all use some of that? Mmmm hmmm heck yeah.

So, you’re wondering, or perhaps you’re really not, why I mentioned yesterday’s podcast score again? Well, today, I got another one. This one is still in the very preliminary stages and per usual, I will not talk about what it is or what it is about until it’s time for its release. I don’t want to jinx it and it’s not my place to blab about it until it is actually in existence.

Whether or not the bracelet had anything to do with this, the call was actually for something different, I don’t know. I don’t care. I just know the reason I wanted that one specifically is that it’s time I get my abundance on, y’all. Again, in my mind, it works.

Carly, thank you so much! And, you should go by and see her, Dear Reader. There’s much more to her shop than just bracelets. She has fashionable wearables, flip flops (with crystals), special water bottles, pads, essential oils, all kinds of things. And, when you’re in there, sit in the vibing chair. You’ll not move.

Until tomorrow, I am Abundance…
Scorp out!