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I saw a meme yesterday, pretty much admonishing John Fogerty that yes, indeed, we have seen the (expletive) rain. Rain is needed but we have had our fill over the last three months. It’s winter, couldn’t it at least be snow or something? Anywhat! We did get around to Underdog Records despite the inclement weather and came home with a modest haul. Good stuff, though. Here it is:



  • Supertramp – Even In The Quietest Moments… — As I stated on my Facebook and Instagram posts with this, the rule in our house is if there’s a Supertramp album that isn’t in our Discogs collection, then it must be purchased. This was the album right before their megahit, Breakfast in America. VG+.
  • Todd Rundgren – Initiation — I guess the same rule for Supertramp applies to Rundgren, too because if we see it, we check to see if we have it, we add it if needed. So, there. This was his sixth studio album and on it, he embraced the synth-driven direction he had been toying with. VG+.
  • Carpenters – Horizon — Their sixth album and the first not to be a top 5 hit in the US. This one only reached #13. The following albums continued a downward trend and they never again held the acclaim they did at the beginning of their career. VG++.
  • The Chipmunks – Chipmunk Punk — My sister had this when we were growing up and I listened to it more than she did. I loved it. I realized, though, rather quickly that this isn’t that good. Unlike the Urban Chipmunk album, I can’t tell what the heck they’re saying and knowing this was a kid’s album that they let some of the songs stay on the album. In particular, “Good Girls Don’t” and “My Sharona” from The Knack. I love the songs and yes, they were hits on the radio, but for the time (1980), they were pretty racy to have as “kid” songs. I apologized to The BCPF after listening yesterday for making her sit through that. VG.
  • The Outlaws – Outlaws — The album is known for the rock classic “Green Grass & High Tides,” which is considered by many to be one of the greatest guitar songs, plus the hit single “There Goes Another Love Song.” $1 bin find. VG.
  • Slim Whitman – All My Best — I think I remember seeing the adverts for this on TV as a kid. I couldn’t resist paying $1 for it. It’s in decent shape but the outer sleeve is made of cheap flimsy cardboard, as I think a lot of those “as seen on TV” records probably were. VG.

So, the haul was “modest” but it’s the end of the month and we were running a little low on funds. We had a couple of other things we were wanting but we’ll pick those up (based on availability) next week. I hope, too, that I will get my first “Curated by Underdog” package. I look forward to that. You should visit the Underdog Records website and find out more about that program. If it sounds good to you and you want to sign up, tell Jonathan that I sent you. And, use your Discogs to curate your own collection!

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“She’s your adolescent dream, schoolboy stuff, a sticky sweet romance. And she makes you want to scream, wishing you could get inside her pants. So, you fantasize away. And while you’re squeezing her, you thought you heard her saying… ‘Good girls don’t, Good girls don’t, Good girls don’t, but I do.'” – “Good Girls Don’t” (Fieger)