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So, I started and finished the first three of the videos today. These are the rough cuts that need approval from the DWSP and then I make whatever edits they need and produce them and deliver them. I have three more to go. 0c03a5e430e9f9b10288edb43036202f

I have my awesome Friday morning TBD Referal Group in the morning first thing, but as soon as that meeting is over, I am going to run over and start on the next three. I also have a few other things going on that I need to do during the day but hope to have these at least most of the way done.

I told The BCPF that I was going to try my dangedest to not impose on our weekend. So, that may mean a Sunday or whatever to finish but I am on a deadline, now so I’ll just be kicking butt!

That said, I’m worn out and am calling it a night!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Get tough: don’t work under pressure; work over pressure.” – Brian Celio