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It’s 11:09p on Wednesday night and I’m writing this from The Less Desirables Studios in The Lab at Industry Hill. I am tired. I am hoarse. I am just getting started… or finished, at least for the night. TLDNetwork

Started with a meeting with one of my awesome clients this morning, finishing up the copy for the DWSP awards’ VO, prepping for and recording Fan Interference, prepping for and recording The Less Desirables and then, because I feel a little tickle in my throat and can’t afford to get sick right now (at least for my voice), I decided to go ahead and do the VO for the awards. So, I just finished those. Now, all I have to do is work on the video and then have the DWSP folks come to approve it and then we are d-o-n-e!

But, back to the TLD Network stuff. That’s right, as I mentioned, it’s a full complement of TLD Network shows this week, culminating with tonight’s TLD. So, because I want you to know about these things, I’m going to give you the links to each show from this week. Here goes:

The Man Who Ate the Town HERE.
The Beer Dads HERE.
Apartment 5B HERE.
Fan Interference HERE.
The Less Desirables HERE.

Plus, you can always go to the TLD Network website HERE.

I’m going home. I will do the video prep for TLD social media tomorrow. I will go to bed. I will talk to you tomorrow.

Until then, same blog channel…
Scorp is tired.

“For someone who’s never watched this show, you have an awful lot to say about it!” – Rory (Apartment 5B)