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Here we are, again, Dear Reader. We’re in the middle of February and that means that I’m working on the “big project” for the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership. This is their 2018 Excellence Awards (yes 2018, because it’s for the accomplishments in 2018). 51735369_2357390400947372_6806129601891270656_n

What does that mean for you? Well, it is more about what it means for me. I will be working a lot of my free time over the next few days (possibly into next week) getting the video presentations done for the DWSP. So, a lot of my writings will probably be scaled down or very scarce over those days. It should all be back to normal the middle of next week.

So, I am asking you for patience and understanding. None of the podcasts are going to miss. In fact, if all goes well, this week will have a full complement of TLD Network shows. Keep an eye on the Network website for more info.

Until tomorrow, stay classy…
Scorp out!

“Welcome to the 2018 Excellence Awards!” – Me