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Today, Ray and I recorded the 100th episode of The Man Who Ate the Town. I want to thank The BCPF, Kelly Bone, Tim Johnson and the guests that we’ve had on the show these 100 episodes. I’ve had a ball doing them all with you.100_6011498_lrg.jpg

Today, we had Brantley Norris on the show. Brantley is the GM at the upcoming Yamas Mediterranean Street Food restaurant on Fourth Street. It was a great visit with him and we talked about a couple of new openings and I reviewed my Uncle Buzzy’s experience. Fun show!

Also, we published the latest The Beer Dads episode and the Dads talk about the Super Bore that we had earlier this month. And, we had good beer.

To listen to Episode 100 of TMWATT, click HERE.
To listen to The Beer Dads, click HERE.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Yamas means ‘to your health’ or ‘cheers’ in Greek!” – Brantley Norris