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I totally forgot to write a blog post about the party on Saturday. The party was the Post-Holiday/Anniversary Shindig at Finnigan’s Wake.


Special TLD menu from Finnigan’s Wake

Last Sunday was the ninth anniversary of The Less Desirables (as I wrote about) and I believe this was the ninth party. We have always had it at Finnigan’s and this year wasn’t different in the venue sense but it was in the actual logistics sense.

We’ve always gotten the whole back-side of the dining room for the party, this time, we had only 24 seats. I worried because we had a “deposit” for the room and if we didn’t have 24 folks then the deposit could have been lost. I worried all the day before and the day of about filling that. Then about halfway through the day, I thought, hey dumbarse, you only need 12 people with +1s to meet that quota. We had 30 people “confirmed” which almost always means “jack,” as inevitably, someone would either not be able to make it, get sick or something.

That made me feel better. When I got there and the room was set up like it was, I thought, well, surely we’ll just migrate to more seats as they come. That wasn’t to be the case. So, my worry went from not enough butts in the seats to not enough seats for the butts. I did have 10 people that showed up that couldn’t sit with us. I also had three people that waited and finally were seated around us.


One table of the motley crew…

Don’t hear any of this as complaining as I don’t feel that’s what I was doing, it was just the first year that I was concerned about the party, either too many or too little. I just wanted to mention that. The people who couldn’t stay went to the bar and came over a few times to give their congrats. It worked out fine.

So, I want to thank Finnigan’s Wake for accommodating us this year and commend them on handling our f’ed up situation with style and grace.

I want to thank Paul and Susan Jones, Mark and Janice Schmitz, Kandi Villano, Lori Noel, Melissa Curran, Paden and Stacy Verner, Amanda Hoey, Kent Allen, Beth Blair, Ray and Whitney Morgan, Flannery Holton, Josh and Cherie Schuminsky, John and Dawn McGee, Ed Dean, Dana Spector, Heather Scherer, Karli Dempski (I think I got that right), Phillip Oakley, Maura Marziano, Paul McManus, Bridey Fennell, Rory Sloane, Paul Kwiatkowski, Jim and Dana Moody, Kevin Cammer, Dale Cole, Shonna and Winter Whitley, Misty Burnette and most of all, The BCPF for being there and supporting what I’ve dreamed up over the last few years. I really appreciate it and it means soooooooooo much to me you were there.

Until next year, same podcast party…
Scorp out!

“All these people are here for you.” – The BCPF