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Today, on The Man Who Ate the Town podcast, Ray and I had Salem Kirby come into the studio to discuss her new business Salem’s Biffles.


©Salem’s Biffles

I know what you’re asking. What the heck is a biffle? Well, she gave us the definition. This is a creation of her own that is basically a waffle made out of the dough for biscuits.

These aren’t just plain, either. Some are savory and some sweet.

She is looking for an outlet for this endeavor. She is looking at several options on how to deliver these fantastic morsels to the public.

Our only complaint was that she didn’t bring her waffle iron and ingredients to make us some. We’ll certainly have more time with her and these treats soon.

You should really listen to the episode and learn more about these awesome creations. You can do that HERE.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Southern deliciousness meets waffle iron whimsy” – Salem’s Biffles