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Again, I know this was promised to be the “Haul” post from Sunday but that will happen tomorrow, bar any other breaking bore-fests.

So, the “big game,” “NFL Championship” Super Bowl, whatever you want to call it, supposedly happened last night. Well, it did happen, but really, unless you’re a Suckriots fan, do you really care? Don’t get me wrong, the fact that Tom Terrific and company won should have had this Steelers fan seething since they now have six trophies like the Steelers do. Truth is, I don’t even care.

Young man can`t wake up

Everyone watching the Snoozer Bowl at our house.

The BCPF said, “you’re kind of subdued.” And she was right. When the game started and the Rams were dismantling that team from Boston-ish, I got excited at every turn. But, then the tables were turned and the Rams had the ball, they couldn’t produce any offense at all. The Rams, to my recollection, never got to the Red Zone (that area from the 20-yard line to the goal line). On the other hand, Tom’s Team only made it there once. And, they scored on that opportunity.

If you’re a defensive-minded fan, as I generally am, then this should have been a fantastic game. The defenses ruled everything about this game. Both of them. But, when the “highest-powered offense” in the league can’t do anything but 3-and-outs then no matter how great your defense is, they can’t keep that pace up all game long. And, that’s what happened. The same thing the Chiefs ran into in the AFC Championship game. If you can’t rest your D then you’re going to eventually fall to Tom and Bill.

I think it is funny, looking back, that everyone was predicting a 3x-2x game but it scored only 16 points, total. The lowest scoring Super Bowl in history beating out the 14-7 Dolphins-Redskins “classic” we call Super Bowl VII.

Tom looked normal for the whole game, for once. Goff, on the other hand, looked completely out of his element as the white jerseys gave him a hard time the whole game. I think the Rams need to address their O-line in the offseason because they certainly let him down. He had moments, of course, but overall, he showed his age and inexperience.

I am glad that TB didn’t get the MVP because he certainly wasn’t deserving of it. Yes, he fed Jules the ball for Jules to win the MVP, but if it wasn’t for Edelman, Tom wouldn’t have had what stats he did. Yeah, there was a couple of Tide Pods catches but, meh.

But, really, do we have to watch that team in the Super Bowl again? It’s really not even fun watching the same crap over and over.

Again, I didn’t care that they won. I figured they would anyway and the game was such a downer that I just wanted it to be over. The game sucked, the ads sucked, the halftime slop sucked. Why don’t they just give up on that stupid halftime show? We will always be disappointed that it doesn’t meet the “Prince” standard.

The only thing I enjoyed was the food and the beer. The food I got to share with my son, wife, and nephew. The beer, I had like 10 bottles and never even buzzed. I enjoyed it, though. Wings (from Publix of all places), guacamole (I made), tater tot cheeseburgers (3B and I made) and little pigs in the blanket (3B and I). It was a good night for that.

Anywhat! Tomorrow will be the haul and congrats to the New England team for winning the Snoozer Bowl. Whatever…

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“This is hard to watch.” – Tony Romo