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Well, the first step of getting 3B on the track to compliance with his speeding ticket has been accomplished. That first step is getting him registered for the “Alive at 25” course at FTCC. But, getting that done took a lot more steps than is really needed.5c100913baa98.image_

Since he is only 16, we had to turn in a minor release form. Okay, I say, I’m his parent so I should just have to give permission. Nope. I had to have him fill out the release with his signature. I then had to sign it in front of a Notary Public to verify my signature. Okay, good enough, right? Wrong! I then had to go to his high school and have them sign off on this course. I was perturbed at that as I don’t feel it’s the school’s business what he is doing, as far as driving goes, away from school. If he had been arrested, yeah, okay, but he wasn’t. Whatevs. I got it done.

I have to say, really the hardest part was getting my signature notarized. I, myself, am a Notary Public and I’m used to witnessing a lot of things, but the only signature I can’t notarize is my own, so I had to find an NP.

3B and I met at Zesto Burgers & Ice Cream to have lunch and give him time to fill his out. On the hill across from Zesto is a BB&T. They’re good friends with Algenon from Zesto and he said they’d take care of me. I walked in and they were super nice, but I was told the policy is that they can only notarize things for BB&T customers. Well, that’s inconvenient, but I get it and all this needs to be a little inconvenient for everyone. Figuring I had to go to the bank that I am a client, I asked the BB&T manager about the closest Suntrust. He suggested the Ogburn Station branch. I haven’t been on that side of town in a while, so okay.

As I was headed for Suntrust, I got to thinking… hey. When you’re a Notary Public, you’re an appointed agent of the state in which you are a resident, not an agent for any institution. And, in that, as long as there is no legal warrants or precedence to dissuade you from witnessing a signature, you do it, regardless of who they may or may not do business with. As far as I know, me not being a client doesn’t constitute a disqualification from “witness.”

Oh well. The awesome lady at Suntrust agreed with me and she didn’t charge me for the service, which could have been “professional courtesy” since I, too, am a Notary Public. Or, she just may not charge for her services. I usually don’t. I mean, I can only charge a minimal nominal fee anyway.  More hassle than helpful at that point. Thanks to K Love regardless of the reason.

And, I got him signed up for the class which happens on Saturday. And it’s probably much earlier than he wants it to be for a Saturday. Here’s hoping the inconvenience is a good deterrent for future incidents he may have like this. Inconvenience on his part and on ours. It may not matter, but here’s hoping.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Car chases usually don’t involve major criminals – they’re usually guys afraid of getting another traffic ticket.” – Dennis Farina