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Yesterday, The BCPF and I got off to an earlier-than-usual start and had breakfast and then ran by Underdog Records. We were there before they opened so we got first dibs on his wares, but not until he opened, of course, we don’t do that. The record-listening time was cut short because we judged a chili cook-off for the Ardmore Neighborhood late in the afternoon. But, the haul was great and I was excited about three things, in particular. Here’s the haul:

  • Roxy Music – Manifesto — This is one of the ones I’m excited about. I have really enjoyed listening to Roxy Music stuff, whether I have it on vinyl or not. In fact, I listen to it on streaming, too. I also like the Brian Eno solo stuff. He was gone from Roxy before this album came out. I was just making a point. “Dance Away” is one of my favorite Roxy tunes and it’s on this album. VG+.
  • Journey – Frontiers — Another that I was excited about. I can’t believe I didn’t already have this, but now, I can’t say that any longer. This has so many good songs from “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” to “Faithfully,” “After the Fall” to “Send Her My Love” which happens to be one of my favorite Journey songs. I know the album and the band (in this era) got a lot of flack and scoffs but I love them and I love this album. VG++.
  • Stan Getz – Eloquence — Stan Getz. ‘Nuff said. VG.
  • Canned Heat – The Canned Heat Cook Book (The Best Of Canned Heat) — All I know from Canned Heat is “Going Up the Country” and “On the Road Again.” Both of those are on here, so we got it. VG.
  • The Joseph ConsortiumAndrew Lloyd WebberTim Rice– Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat — I saw this on a traveling tour. I liked it, but then again… Webber and Rice. VG+.
  • Richard Strauss – Rudolf KempeDresden Staatskapelle– Also Sprach Zarathustra — This is a “tone poem” from Strauss that was inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s novel Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spoke Zarathustra). You and I, though? We know it as the theme to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. VG++.
  • Judas Priest – Hell Bent For Leather — The American version of Killing Machine from Priest. The album was renamed in the US because CBS/Columbia was wary of the implications following the Cleveland School Shooting in San Diego. Incidentally, that shooting led to Boomtown Rats’ song “I Don’t Like Mondays” because the shooter, 16-year old Brenda Spencer shot folks from her house across the street and when questioned about it, said “I don’t like Mondays. This livens up the day.” She still sits in jail 40 years later. But, this album rocks, as does all Priest, I’m learning. It’s the last one with Les Binks behind the drums. VG.

Again, with the swing through, I didn’t get to notice a lot of equipment that Jonathan had but there were things there, including a few cassette decks, speakers and of course, turntables/record players. And, again, check out the Curated by Underdog feature that Jonathan does, now. Go in and ask him about it. Listen to The Less Desirables, new episodes out every Wednesday night, to hear the TLD/UR special of the week.

I used Discogs to track and catalog my collection.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Yesterday, when it seemed so cool, when I walked you home, kissed goodnight, I said, “It’s love”, you said, “Alright.” It’s funny how I could never cry until tonight when you pass by hand in hand with another guy. You’re dressed to kill and guess who’s dying. Dance away the heartache. Dance away the tears. Dance away the heartache. Dance away the fear. Dance away.” – “Dance Away” (Ferry)