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First off, let me say happy birthday to Paul Stanley. He turns 67 today! A very influential figure to my own musical journey.

It felt like we zoomed in and through Underdog Records yesterday. The BCPF and I are either recovering from or fighting off sickness. But, we ate breakfast in a hurry and then swung by Underdog and were home with a full six hours of record listening time. Here’s what we got:



  • Tom Waits – Small Change — Still thinking of my friend Mitchell Snow who was performing Tom Waits on Friday night in Johnson City, Tennessee with the Vagabond Saints Society when he had what is speculated to be sudden cardiac arrhythmia. It was scary. The first track on this album is “Tom Traubert’s Blues” and Doug had asked if I could do it when VSS plays Ramkat in a week. I can’t do the show but, we found this record and I couldn’t pass it up. VG+.
  • The Mamas & The Papas – Deliver — I really know nothing about this album. I know The BCPF likes them and it was there. It’s in mono and is VG+.
  • Emerson Lake & Palmer – Works Volume 1 —  “Each member was allocated one side of a record to write and arrange their own tracks which were performed by the group. The fourth side features songs written by the entire group. Emerson wrote his Piano Concerto No. 1, Lake wrote several songs with Peter Sinfield, and Palmer picked tracks of varied styles.” – according to Wikipedia. VG+.
  • Donovan – Essence To Essence — I believe Donovan is my favorite musical hippie. He brings humor and wit to his songs about putting healthy stuff in your body and be nice to the plants and things. It’s weird but still good. VG.
  • Dusty Springfield – Stay Awhile – I Only Want To Be With You — The first album from Dusty to be released in the US. It contains “I Only Want To Be With You,” “Stay Awhile” and “Wishin’ and Hopin’.” $1 bin find but it looks to be okay. VG.
  • Dan Fogelberg – Souvenirs — Produced by Joe Walsh, who also played on just about every track, provided a more pop-based album instead of that folksy mess that he usually played. $1 bin find and in VG/VG+.
  • 10,000 Maniacs – In My Tribe — $1 bin find from The BCPF. I don’t know much about it, but it’s in pretty good shape. VG/VG+.
  • Charles Fox – “9 To 5” (Original Soundtrack Recording) — We actually got this last week and I don’t know why it wasn’t in Discogs. I totally missed it. But, it’s in now. It’s VG+.

I went through Underdog Records so fast yesterday that I didn’t get a chance to even look around to see what kind of equipment or other recordy things were about the store. But, I’m interested in finding out more about the Curated by Underdog thing. I wonder how hard it would be to curate music for me. I think it would be more of a challenge to Jonathan. I think I’ll ask him about it. You should, too. Listen to The Less Desirables to hear the TLD/UR special of the week.

As I’ve said, I use Discogs to curate my collection and see what I do or don’t have.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition and yawn and stretch and try to come to life. Jump in the shower and the blood starts pumpin’. Out on the streets, the traffic starts jumpin’ for folks like me on the job from 9 to 5.” – “9 to 5” (Parton)