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Underdog Records was jumping yesterday with people coming in and Jonathan was only playing local artists in the store for the first part of the day. He sold a good bit of local music, including selling out of a few, with that. I like when he does that. I had gone in and set some stuff back on Friday but we picked up the stuff yesterday. Here’s what we got:



  • Old Sea Brigade – Ode To A Friend — I call it my “husbandly duty” to find new music that my lovely bride, The BCPF will enjoy; stuff that is “up her alley.” When I record the weekly advert for Underdog Records on The Less Desirables, I use portions of new releases or whatever Jonathan has sent me to highlight and a lot of the time, I’ll find stuff that I think is really good, either that I will like, The BCPF will like or we both would. This is one that I thought she’d love. I had Jonathan get me one and we brought it home and she was very pleased with it. It’s laid back folky stuff and she loved it. I recommend listening to it. New.
  • Tom Waits – Mule Variations — #414 on the RS list, this is a 2xLP that is completely co-written with Waits’ wife and songwriting partner, Kathleen Brennan. I’m hit and miss with most Tom Waits stuff. The songs are beautiful and sometimes dark but his singing is what is the determining factor in my like/dislike. He sounds like he had a cocktail of gravel, concrete, and sandpaper whilst smoking two packs of Camels concurrently and saving cats from a burning building. It’s rough. EX/VG++.
  • Neil Young – After The Gold Rush — #71 on the RS list and while I feel that should be about 100 positions higher, it’s still a great album. Neil Young is another that I’m hit or miss with. VG++.
  • Rush – Signals — The follow-up to Moving Pictures, in 1982, Signals has “Subdivisions,” “New World Man,” “The Weapon,” and “Countdown.” Not my favorite Rush album but it’s still a good one. VG+.
  • Jay Ferguson – Thunder Island — I know the title track and that’s about it. I like the title track and it was only a few bucks so I decided to buy it with the picture of him in his fabric toe shoes. It’s just funny. VG+.
  • ABBA – Super Trouper — With “Super Trouper” and “The Winner Takes It All.” Their next album was the last studio album prior to their hiatus, which is still going on. VG+.
  • Heart – Private Audition — Released in 1982 and is the last Heart album to feature Mike DeRosier and Steve Fossen, who left after the recording of this album. VG+.
  • John Fogerty – Centerfield — Put me in coach! The title track, “The Old Man Down the Road” and “Rock and Roll Girls.” It was $1, so why not? VG+.
  • Joni Mitchell – Clouds — “Chelsea Morning,” “The Fiddle and the Drum” and “Both Sides, Now” are the tunes that The BCPF are most excited about. This is Mitchell’s sophomore effort and we have 10 of the first 11 of her albums. It was $1. VG.

I told you about Curated by Underdog Records, right? I think so. De is also digging out a lot of backstock of used equipment that Jonathan hasn’t had time to go through and they’re cleaning them up and getting some really great stuff up for sale. I really wanted that Sansui (as I wrote about). They have a lot of great stuff for those looking to break into or update their record collecting experience. Listen to The Less Desirables to hear the TLD/UR special of the week.

Discogs is how Curated by Underdog keeps track of what you have and how you do, as well!

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“Woke up, it was a Chelsea morning and the first thing that I heard was a song outside my window. And, the traffic wrote the words. It came a-reeling up like Christmas bells and rapping up like pipes and drums. Oh, won’t you stay? We’ll put on the day and we’ll wear it ’till the night comes.” – “Chelsea Morning” (Mitchell)