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My dad’s birthday is today. He’s 71. He’s more spry and agile than I am and I’m 23 years younger than him. Of course, he’s been physically active more than I have. He has worked hard as a laborer, office person, machine operator, truck driver, coal miner, and more. I have driven a truck and sat in an office for the last 24 years.


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The best job he’s ever done, though, and I’m sure my sister and brother will agree, is as a dad. Was he all up in our business? No. He wasn’t even home much when we were younger, especially me, because he was busting his tail earning “a living” for his family. He is the man I want to be and I know that no matter how hard I try, I’ll never equal that awesomeness. I can come close and I can do things differently, but I can’t equal that. Is he tired? Oh yeah. He realizes that his mind works at 110% capability like he was my age but his body is just not able to catch up and for him, that’s really frustrating. But, he is getting time to fish which is his new passion.

I talked to him this morning and when I said “happy birthday,” he said, “I noticed that.” He told someone that life is good. “I’m healthy. My kids (and their kids) are healthy. I have an amazing wife. What more could I ask for?” Yeah, he’s right.

I love you, Dad. Happy solar circumnavigational anniversary day!

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“Tryin’ to make a livin’.” – Tim Beeman