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The first Underdog Records purchase of 2019, woot! It’s going to be a good year all around and it’s going to be a good record year, too. I want to continue to fill my RS list wants and discover things that I didn’t know existed. I’m going to attempt to listen to more new music, but it really isn’t my bag. Anywhat! Here’s the haul:



  • Pink Floyd – Obscured By Clouds — I had made a post on this blog a few weeks back about this album. How great it was and how I was disappointed that no one had brought it to my attention prior. It was there and I grabbed it. This is the remastered reissue, new. It is a great album!
  • The Clash – Combat Rock — The “Should I Stay or Should I Go” and “Rock the Casbah” album. First pressing in EX/VG++ condition. I couldn’t pass that up.
  • Scorpions – Best Of Scorpions — Jonathan said, “yes and yes” when I brought this album up to the counter. He said that old Scorpions are under-appreciated and I nodded in agreement. The Scorps (no relation to me) have been around in some form or fashion since 1965 and most people don’t know that. So they had stuff that predates the “Rock You Like a Hurricane” era. This is in VG.
  • Mass Gothic – I’ve Tortured You Long Enough — promo copy of this album, it has no official cover but it’s from Sub Pop Records and it’s everything you’d think an album on that label would be. Which means that The BCPF loved it. VG++.
  • Charlie Parker And His Orchestra – Night And Day — The BCPF grabbed this one and I’m not really sure why. She usually avoids the more horn musicians. But, I dig them, so I’m glad she did. VG-.
  • Various – Midnight Cowboy (Original Motion Picture Score) — I like soundtracks and this was from the only X-Rated film to win Best Picture and first gay-related Best Picture. Also, it has Harry Nilsson’s “Everybody’s Talkin’,” which I love. VG+.
  • Black Sabbath – Technical Ecstasy — The penultimate Ozzy Sabbath record. He was blitzed most of the time and spent a lot of that time on the beach in Miami whilst Tommy Iommi was left to produce the album. It was recorded at the same studio as the Eagles’ Hotel California was being recorded at the same time. Geezer Butler said that they’d have to go in and scrape the residual cocaine off the mixing board after the Eagles left. VG-.
  • The Who – Who’s Next — I already have this album, but I believe this is a better copy than what I have. VG.
  • Linda Ronstadt – Hand Sown… Home Grown — Ronstadt’s debut solo album after leaving the Stone Poneys. It flopped but we like her so it was a good one to get. VG+.
  • Tina Turner – Private Dancer — The “What’s Love Got To Do With It,” “Better Be Good To Me” and “Private Dancer” album. I didn’t know that the title track was written by Mark Knopfler, but it does make sense now that I’ve listened to other Dire Straits albums. Ode to oneself and lamenting about the role that they’re the lot of. Plus, it’s an 80s staple and we know I’m a sucker for that stuff. VG+.

The rest are $1 albums and unless otherwise noted, they’re at least VG.

Jonathan had a lot of “fresh” stuff that he was going through yesterday which only means you’re going to have a lot to choose from. Now, something new for 2019 that Jonathan is doing is called “Curated by Underdog” which is a subscription service that you can have Jonathan (and I’m sure his trusted associates) curate your collection with criteria of your choosing. Like only indie things? Like 80s music? Only want new records? Only want used records? Want a combo of the two? Well, Jonathan and Underdog Records have you covered. You’ll receive your subscription either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. The lowest cost package comes in at just $12. I think that’s a pretty good deal. It’s also a way to find things you may not have thought about. For more information visit the Curated by Underdog site. Also, listen to each episode of The Less Desirables to find out what that week’s TLD/UR special is.

Curated by Underdog and I both use Discogs. Underdog to help create and manage your subscription and me to make sure that I don’t get multiples of things. It also has a cool “shuffle” feature that picks a random album (upon your request).

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Welcome back, my friends To the show that never ends. We’re so glad you could attend. Come inside! Come inside! There, behind a glass, stands a real blade of grass. Be careful as you pass. Move along! Move along.” – “Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Part 2” (Lake/Emerson)