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Yesterday was a pretty big haul, but it was a cheaper haul. I’ll explain more as we go. But, it was fun just being at Underdog Records, as it always is. It’s my candy store. Here’s the haul:


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  • Siouxsie And The Banshees – Peepshow — The BCPF and I had a good long discussion about why she likes the “Dark Wave” stuff so much. I don’t know that we ever got to the bottom of it, but she just digs it. This was a reissue of their 1988 album. New.

So, from here on, all the albums are $1 bin finds and unless otherwise noted, they are all in VG condition (mostly after cleaning them up). So, here we go:

  • Pablo Cruise – A Place In The Sun — I only really knew one song by Pablo Cruise, who I thought was a guy. I didn’t realize that it was a band in which none of them were named Pablo Cruise. They were a quartet and would always joke that Pablo was the one in the middle. There is a story behind the name, at least minimally, that I won’t get into because, well, that’s not why we’re here. This is the one that has “Whatcha Gonna Do?” which was the song that I knew. This was in really good shape, so I would maybe even rate it VG+, but that may be pushing it.
  • Pablo Cruise – Worlds Away — The other Pablo Cruise that I got, this was the follow-up to A Place in the Sun.
  • Sanford And Townsend – Smoke From A Distant Fire — I will admit that I got this album only because either Ed Sanford or Johnny Townsend (I don’t know which is which), on the cover, looks like a young, chubby Clay Howard. The duo were well-known studio musicians (weren’t they all in the 70s?) and songwriters who co-wrote good songs. I haven’t listened to this so I don’t know what they sound like.
  • Atlanta Rhythm Section – A Rock And Roll Alternative — This album has “So Into You” on it and I like that song. That itself was worth the buck.
  • Jim Steinman – Bad For Good  — For those who don’t know, Steinman was the musical mind behind the songs for Meat Loaf. In fact, this was supposed to be the follow-up to Bat Out of Hell but because of Mr. Aday’s vocal problems, Steinman recorded it himself. Meat Loaf did do some of the songs on some of his later albums. The cover is pretty beaten up, but the LP looks to be VG.
  • Jackson Browne – For Everyman — Browne’s sophomore effort. It contains his version of “Take It Easy” which was co-penned by Glenn Frey.
  • Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road — Okay, trying this again. Every time I get this 2xLP album it’s pretty beaten up and I have to continue looking. This one doesn’t seem to be too bad, but I haven’t played it, yet, either. I’ll keep you informed.
  • Bob Dylan / The Band – Before The Flood — The first officially released live album by Dylan, it’s his 15th album overall and the seventh from The Band. I know nothing of it, so we’ll see about it. Also a 2xLP.
  • Todd Rundgren – Todd — The last 2xLP for today, it’s Rundgren’s fifth album. I liked Something/Anything? so I am hoping I like this, too.
  • Steely Dan – Countdown To Ecstasy — I love me some Steely Dan and this has “Bodhisattva” and “My Old School,” which, the latter I love.
  • Stanley Clarke / George Duke – The Clarke / Duke Project — Stanley Clarke. ‘Nuff said.
  • Savoy Brown – Hellbound Train — Jonathan asked if I had ever heard this album and I said no. He then said he wanted me to have it. So he gave it to me. We listened to it. It’s pretty good. It’s a blues-rock band from England. Nothing overly exciting for me. I didn’t dislike it, though. Thanks, J.

For your holiday shopping needs, Underdog Records will be open today, Sunday from 11-4 and Monday (Christmas Eve) from 10-3. And, the big thing now is gift certificates, so make sure you either get yours or tell your loved ones to get you one. Listen to The Less Desirables each week to hear what the TLD/UR special of the week is. And, use Discogs to catalog your music collection, be it vinyl, CD or even cassette.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“So you’re having trouble with your romance? Well, you better check it out before it goes, yeah. ‘Cause you might not be seeing things just the way you should. And you don’t recognize what everybody knows. Whatcha gonna do when she says goodbye? Whatcha gonna do when she is gone?” – “Whatcha Gonna Do?” (Jenkins/Lerios)