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First off, today is “Underdog Day!” Not necessarily Underdog Records. Not necessarily Shoeshine Boy’s heroic alter ego. But, that someone or someones or even something thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest. It’s for all those that have to beat all odds. So, that being said, still go to Underdog Records because… well, just because. Also, it’s Short Girl Appreciation Day. It has always been observed the first day of Winter (also the shortest day of the year). It turns out that I have me one of those as The BCPF is under 5′ tall. Celebrate them, too. Tomorrow is National Short Person Day, so be on the lookout for your favorite short people.



Okay, now to what I wanted to talk about today. I know there are some serious music fans/scholars/whatevers out there that love to either prove me wrong about something that I say about music (and I welcome that, heck, sometimes I do it on purpose) or the opposite want to tell me things that I may have missed.

Now, I always say that I’m a Pink Floyd fan. And, I think that I am. Truthfully, I’m a 1971-1994 (mostly) fan. I like Meddle, Dark Side, Wish You Were Here, most of Momentary Lapse and Division Bell, and of course, The Wall. I also like some of Ummagumma and pieces of the earliest Floyd. But, Y’all… why in the HECK did no one tell me about Obscured by Clouds?!? WHY!?

I know it’s based on some French film and I know that it was meant as a pass-through for Dark Side from Meddle. I also know it was panned hard by critics. But, man, that’s a great record to me. I really liked it. It’s not all prog fluff with 42 minutes of synths, repeated blues guitar riffs and lead drumming. There’s some straightforward rock stuff on that. There are some straightforward ballads on there. There are straight-forward good songs on there. And, for the record, I like all the long-winded synth/guitar/drum things, too. This is just different. Where was my “Musical Nightwatchmen (and Women)” when I needed you?

And, now, I’m just downright embarrassed that I have been calling myself a Pink Floyd fan when, while I did know it existed, I didn’t know what this album was or had never heard it before. *facepalm*

Well, now that I have heard it, I have to find it on vinyl. It is Underdog day tomorrow, right? Folks, friends don’t let friends not know about great albums.

Until tomorrow, enjoy your short girls…
Scorp out!

“You set sail across the sea of long past thoughts and memories. Childhood’s end, your fantasies merge with harsh realities. And then as the sail is hoist, you find your eyes are growing moist. All the fears never voiced say you have to make your final choice.” – “Childhood’s End” (Gilmour)