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You know, Dear Reader, I have clout. That’s a funny word, “clout.” Not Klout, the social media analytics tool that measures your social media importance. I mean real clout. According to one dictionary’s definition, clout is “influence or power, especially in politics or business.” how-to-shop-local-winston-salem

Now, I’m not bragging on that, that’s a heavy cross to bear, but I know people, people know me. I speak about things, I write a somewhat influential food blog/podcast. People tell me things so I can tell others. That has been built up from The Less Desirables to my time producing/co-hosting Sipping NC, my writings, and so on.

My point, again, is not to brag. My point is people entrust me with information with the intention of spreading it around. With this, I will admit that I get a lot of concessions. I get some “freebies.” I get invited to things because of this “clout.”

Many of the things that I “push” are things that are provided by sponsors of one of my podcasts. I understand that. You understand that. I make no bones about the “official sponsors” that I promote or advertise. Those things are posted about are things that are bartered, traded, gifted or whatever. But, they get that all the time and I will absolutely continue to do that, in abundance.

But, there are a lot of companies out there that are worthy of talking about, even beyond my sponsors or trade partners. These local businesses need to be noticed, need your support and need to be on your “must stop” list.

A Daisy a Day Florists, Airtype, Alma Mexicana, Bookmarks, Brookstown Inn, Camel City BBQ Factory, Mr. Barbecue, Sally Gupton Photography, West End Coffee House, Camino Bakery, Jeffrey Adams, Hutch & Harris, Fearless WS, Footnote, Camel Pawn Shop, Alkali Hair Studio, West End Cafe, Computer and Technology Services (CATS), Fortified Futures, Vibes Up Winston-Salem, River’s Edge, Seamless Living, Dr. Renea’s, Happie Food, Image360, Ink It Promotional Products, Train to Relex Yoga, The Breathing Room, The Porch, The Olio, The Tin Can, BeYou360, TimmyVO, Ed Dean with Cruise Planners, Solutions Afoot, SixFour Web Design, Stallone Frazier Photography, SunnySide Mercantile, Twin City Hive, Black Mountain Chocolate, Sunshine Beverage, Broad Branch Distillery, The Ramkat, Earl’s WS, Wise Man Brewing, Fiddlin’ Fish, Triad Speech Consultants, Crafted The Art of the Taco, Reboot, Dogwood Hops & Crops and The Trophy Room, Sweet Aromaz, The Flour Box, The Tavern at Old Salem, Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse, Krankies, Fair Witness, a/perture cinema, Sweet Potatoes, Rec Billiards, Mozelle’s Southern Bistro, Campus Gas, ANY of the artists’ shops or galleries on Trade Street, Ronnie’s Country Store, Monstercade, Southside Beer Garden, Old Winston Social Club, Burke Street Pizza, Uncle Buzzy’s, Cin Cin’s, The Quiet Pint, May Way Dumplings, Penny Path Cafe, Cafe Arthurs, Stell Brew, The B-String, Hair Bomb, Coffee Park (all locations) and many, many more.

The point is, all of these businesses are locally owned (and/or operated) and deserve some love. Sure, I take pride in my sponsors and will do everything to promote them, not just because they’re my sponsors but because they have supported me. I’m not going to mention any of them in this post because, for this post, it’s completely unsolicited recommendations. Every one of these businesses is run by local folks who care about their customers and deserve your attention. Not one of these businesses asked me to say anything. I just think this is the weekend and Christmas is coming up. Gift certificates, stocking stuffers, trinkets, dinners, lunches, beers, spirits. Each one of them can help you fulfill your needs and you’ll help keep them in business. I don’t usually say please, but please show them some love and support. They deserve it.

Until tomorrow, when you may see me in a few of these businesses…
Scorp out!

“What local businesses SHARE with corporations is a certain expectation of increased profits in the month of December, which many count on to carry them through bleak months like brutal January and devastating February.” – Dana Moody