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As I had stated on social media in places, our trip to Asheville was canceled because of the impending Snowpocalypse, so we did get to Underdog Records after all. We started the morning at our favorite creperie and shared a meal with our The Beer Dads cohorts. It was a great morning. We did our grocery shopping which we usually reserve for Sunday but if you look out the door today, you’ll see we’re not going anywhere. But, then we got to Underdog and here’s the haul:

  • The Struts – Young & Dangerous — I have heard of these guys but haven’t listened to anything they’ve put out until this week. When I do the commercials for Underdog on The Less Desirables, I try to include pieces of music that are relevant to the new releases. This was one of those. It’s a great rock record. New.
  • Bauhaus – Best Of Bauhaus | Crackle — The BCPF is a huge fan of this band and its subsequent offerings like Peter Murphy solo and Love and Rockets. So, this was a given. It was also a new release and bam! We nailed it. New.
  • Marvin Gaye – Live At The London Palladium — Recorded late in 1976 and released in early 1977, this is an energetic show with a lively crowd. I think he may have been a little drunk or stoned while doing it, but that’s just my opinion. He was a flirt, that’s for sure. Not the best live album but it is a very good one. VG+.
  • Van Morrison – Wavelength — As I stated on my social media post about this, the only problem I really have with Van Morrison is it’s like he’s yelling at me when I listen. But, this has some great tunes on it, nonetheless. It was a departure from his previous releases as it was more guitar and synth driven. The song “Kingdom Hall” was about his mother being a practicing Jehovah’s Witness and attending “church” which “Kingdom Hall” is what JWs call their churches. VG++.
  • Joe Jackson – I’m The Man — Last week (or the week before, one of the two) I talked about Jackson’s debut album that we had just picked up and this is the follow-up and it’s a great sophomore effort, too. I performed the final track “Friday” with the Vagabond Saints Society several years back, closing the show. VG+.
  • Tchaikowsky / Mendelssohn – David OistrakhBolshoi Theatre OrchestraSamuel SamosudNational Philharmonic Orchestra of the U.S.S.R.Kiril Kondrashin – Violin Concerto In D Major – Violin Concerto In E Minor — That may be the longest Discogs album title I’ve ever put in one of these posts. It’s classical and The BCPF has gone on a kick as of late. Not a bad thing. VG+.
  • Eric Clapton – Slowhand — I actually got this last week but upon playing it, I needed to return it to Jonathan because it skipped all the way through “Cocaine.” He washed it and vacuumed it dry at the shop and it played with no skips. I got it home and it skipped a few times but that was the only place. I don’t know why it did on my system and not his, but oh well. It #325 on the RS list. I’m fine with that placement, too. It doesn’t need to be higher or lower. It’s fine. VG+ (minus the skip).

The weather kept the early part of the day quiet for Underdog Records but as we were there, people were starting to pile in, so yay for Jonathan’s peace of mind! And, we have our vinyl to keep us company in the bedlam that is winter outside. You should have gone to get yours. You know, Christmas is coming and you know you want to start collecting and playing vinyl, right? Yes, you do. So, tell your loved ones that you want a new (or used) turntable for Christmas. And, heck, why not grab a gift certificate (or in this case a gift 45) for you, as well? You have to have something to play on it, right? Listen to this week’s episode of The Less Desirables (well, listen every week) to hear what the special TLD/UDR deal is.

The schools have already canceled thinking they’ll be back by Wednesday but they won’t. This much snow, later turning to ice, will be a week at least. So, if you go out, be careful. Oh, and I use Discogs to catalog my vinyl!!

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“Lazy Gilly was a flower child all the summer. Calmly running wild. She’d be silly and her friends just smiled. Pass the bottle, wash the pills down, what went wrong? What went wrong? She don’t care no more. She don’t need to fight it. She don’t care no more. She gets paid on Friday.” – “Friday” (Jackson)