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Yesterday, as I said on my post from last night, we had some internet problems but Nate from X1 Communications was able to get us up and running later in the day. Today, I was able to post The Man Who Ate the Town and the first Fan Interference in almost two months. Faninterference

For TMWATT, Ray and I talked about Quanto Basta and Campus Gas. For Fan Interference we spent a long time talking with Intern Haley McFadden about the Kareem Hunt situation, and of course, TC had to go off on his Redskins. I’m sure he’s not happy today after last night, either.

Anywhat! I, Ray and TC would greatly appreciate if you’d listen to our episodes. You can listen to TMWATT HERE and Fan Interference HERE.

Happy listening and thank you for it!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Classic Bites & Brews located right outside Wake Forest University” – Campus Gas