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When I went into the studio today, the internet was down. Nate at X1 Communications figured that the main router was just unplugged as it wasn’t showing up internally. It was showing that the signal was getting to the building. I asked if it was located in the telecommunications room where most of the stuff like that was and they said yes. What they thought it was was an old server room on the other side of the building. But, I had to get the key to open the door to the communications room, then the other room had a keycode lock and we had to figure that code out (by calling the building owner).

It turns out that someone over the weekend tore all the stuff out of that old server room because it was (mostly) just that, old. The router wasn’t old, but they didn’t know that. Plus, the whole cable system was removed (or eliminated). I don’t think anyone was at fault, but it happened. Well, what I do is an internet-based business and without it, it was hard to do work.

We did Fan Interference without the intro (although I haven’t loaded that, yet) or any sound effects because I couldn’t get to the internet. We recorded The Man Who Ate the Town, but as I was without the internet, I couldn’t upload it to the server, so it will be a day late, tomorrow. We recorded The Beer Dads tonight and finally was able to put stuff on the ‘net. It worked. But, I’m thrown behind. Again, this is no one’s fault. Just a lot of inconvenience and miscommunication. So, The Beer Dads got up and the others will tomorrow.

But the point I wanted to make was that I knew but didn’t know how reliant I have become to the internet. Without it today, it crippled my business and it crippled my ability to communicate with our listeners. That was rough. But, for now, it’s back up as we had to be a little creative (running a cable the length of the building to my wi-fi router). It was just rough, as I said. Thanks to Nate and Josh at X1 Communications for going above and beyond.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Technology is neutral; it depends on how it’s used.” – Rick Smolan