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Our Thanksgiving from yesterday was fantastic! We had friends join us at our parents’ place (that would be Ray from The Man Who Ate the Town, his wife and his daughter) and all joined in with the rest of the crowd, there were 17 folks (16 if you count my nephew that slept through it all) in Ma ‘Rents’ house. We love big get-togethers as such. The Boston baked beans were a slight bit tough, but the flavor was amazing. So, that will happen again but I’ll try to modify it a bit. The deviled eggs were a bit runnier than I wanted but the flavor was right there, too. A win-win for the Scorp-meister!418454661596_600.jpg

Then we came home with The BCPF’s mother and brother and we watched football. Now, I was running on about 1.5 hours of sleep so it was rough. As soon as the ball game was over, I went to bed and was out in less than three minutes. We woke up at 4am and went to Underdog Records to stand (or sit) out in the cold for Record Store Day Black Friday Edition. It’s the only time that we go shopping on Black Friday and it’s a special case. We were fifth in line and we got everything we went in for and more. We spent more than we should but it was some birthday money and PayPaled money that was sent to me recently for payment of services.

The BCPF and I grabbed some grub from Cafe Arthur’s and came home, went straight to bed, set the alarm for noon, slept through that alarm and here we are after putting the records in Discogs and listening to a couple. We got some good stuff, but you’ll have to wait until Sunday for “The Haul!” I don’t know if we’ll get by Underdog Records tomorrow since we blew our budget on today’s festivities.

I’m off, Dear Reader. I hope your holiday was fantastic.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“This is a day for the people who make up the world of the record store—the staff, the customers, and the artists—to come together and celebrate the unique culture of a record store and the special role these independently owned stores play in their communities.” – Record Store Day