As has become the tradition, The BCPF and I did our Thanksgiving recording on The Less Desirables today and it was fun. We listened to some records earlier this morning, went to have lunch at Zesto, stopped by to see Jonathan at Underdog Records, recorded the podcast and then came home and have been listening to even more records.


My burger at Zesto today!

I also want to thank the 200+ folk who wished me a happy birthday yesterday, via Facebook, text or messenger. I tried to personally reply to each and every one of them. I don’t think I missed one. Not just “liking” them, but a personal response mentioning either their name or a nickname for each of them. That was based on how they sent their wishes, too. I always send “Happy solar circumnavigational anniversary day!” when I say it and some people tried it. I think I only had one person do it exactly right and she shares the birthday with me so I think she copied it. But, hey! I loved it anyway. I am proud that people think of that phrase when they think of me and birthdays, mine or theirs. It’s what social media is all about.

Speaking of birthdays, we listened to records most of the day yesterday and then went to trivia, at Finnigan’s Wake, to be with friends and celebrated some more. So, this whole week has been fantastic and it’s been great just being with The BCPF with minimal scheduling of other things and responsibilities. I gotta cook tomorrow, deviled eggs and Boston baked beans, and have time with the fam. Other than that, it will be more relaxation and laziness. Just the way we like it.

I’ll talk to you later, Dear Reader. Enjoy your night! OH! And, listen to the TLD episode HERE.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Facebook lets me be lazy the way a man in a stereotypical 1950s office can be lazy. Facebook is the digital equivalent of my secretary, or perhaps my wife, yelling at me not to forget to wish someone a happy birthday or to inform me I have a social engagement this evening.” – Sarah Jeong