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I forgot to say — because I was writing other things on Monday — that we did The Man Who Ate the Town and The Beer Dads this week (and The Less Desirables). But, on The Beer Dads this episode, we talked about teaching the kid about budgeting. Cl1JVyyWYAAbovF

I found it funny that 3B came home today during his “travel period” between Career Center and high school and needed gas. After a long discussion about his First Quarter grades not being “too hot” as he called it, he had to get back to school. I took money by school for him a little bit later.

First of all, yes, he has a large SUV that sucks the gas like fish suck water. And, he has started living here at his grandmother’s house (Ma Mère’s) during the week because his mother for whatever reason decided to buy a house in a small town 45 minutes away. So, it is a little better now as he only has to fill up weekly, not $50 worth every three days. But, he hasn’t even gotten his “after 9s” yet. Wait until he starts going places and doing things. Yeah, I’m waiting. I won’t be able to help all that much.

Some think its better that he concentrate on school and not get a job while others think he should get a job. I see both sides and have overall mixed feelings about it. He’s finally found something that really interests him and I want him to concentrate on that. However, he’s not doing “jack” in the rest of his classes that don’t contain the words “weight” and “lifting.” Money is tight and he’s going to want to do things. So, I don’t know what to do about it.

Anywhat, I digress.

Follow the link if you want to hear the episode for:

The Man Who Ate the Town
The Beer Dads
The Less Desirables

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Dad, I need gas…” – 3B