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Started out yesterday with some crépes and headed on over to Underdog Records, one of The BCPF’s and my favorite places! Here’s what we got!



  • Siouxsie & The Banshees – Superstition — The BCPF loves Siouxsie and the Banshees. It fits her once goth modus operandi. I like them pretty good, too, but she’s the true fan. This is from 1991 but is a reissue from 2018, It has “Kiss Them For Me.” New. In fact…
  • Siouxsie & The Banshees – Tinderbox — This is a little older, from around 1986 with “Cities in Dust.” It’s the 2018 reissue and is new.
  • Nirvana – MTV Unplugged In New York — I actually picked this up on Thursday, but didn’t enter it into Discogs until yesterday. Some disagree with me, but I think this is a fantastic album! It’s raw and you can almost hear Cobain’s pain but at times you can hear him sounding relaxed and chipper. Still, it’s great. #313 on the RS List. New.
  • Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath — #243 on the RS List, this album was heavy, dark and awesome! It’s a great debut album. Possibly the birth of doom metal or heavy metal, this. New.
  • Ozzy Osbourne – Diary Of A Madman — So, if we go with Black Sabbath, why not go with its former singer? Yep. This is a great album. I don’t like it as much as Blizzard of Ozz or The Ultimate Sin, but I do like it a lot! New.
  • Nicole Atkins – Goodnight Rhonda Lee — I discovered Nicole Atkins last week whilst finding something by someone playing locally and found a song that I liked on the first try and once I grabbed what I needed, I didn’t stop the album from playing. I then listened to it again. I felt it was something that The BCPF would like and I knew that I liked it, so I had Jonathan order it for me. She loved it. It’s like Dusty Springfield mixed with some Stevie Nicks with swing and jazz stylings that rocked. This is a must-listen, Dear Reader! New.
  • Warsaw – Warsaw — When Joy Division did their first demo, they were still going by Warsaw. So, this is that demo. The BCPF said she had it when it was actually Joy Division and the album was called Warsaw but this is an “unofficial release” and it sounded pretty good, albeit bass heavy. Not the gloom-and-doom Joy Division we came to know. New.
  • John Ralston – Shadows Of The Summertime — John played at Underdog Records on Friday night and we purchased this. Haven’t listened to it, yet, but we enjoyed him. New.
  • Earth, Wind & Fire – Raise! — The one with “Let’s Groove” on it. I love that song; probably my favorite EWF song. VG+.
  • Prince – Controversy – I found this in VG- condition but I still couldn’t pass it up. I mean, it’s Prince and I didn’t have it already. So, now I do.
  • Smokey Robinson – Blame It On Love & All The Great Hits — I’ve never been a huge fan of Smokey. He’s got a great voice but I just don’t like most of the songs. The BCPF wanted it. She got it. VG+.
  • Lionel Richie – Great Love Songs With The Commodores & Diana Ross — I had this on CD, one of the first 100 or so that I got. I got it (on CD) exclusively for the song “Endless Love” but all the songs are great tunes. VG++.
  • Don McLean – American Pie — Let me go on record and say that I absolutely LOATHE the song “American Pie.” It ranks up there with “Freebird” as the worst song ever. But, The BCPF said we should have it in our collection. Okay… It was in the $1 bin so there’s that. VG.
  • Billy Joel – Turnstiles — Billy Joel for $1? Yep. I’ll take it. And, it looks to be in fairly good condition. I’m calling it VG+. This album has “New York State of Mind,”  “Say Goodbye to Hollywood,”  “Prelude/Angry Young Man” and “Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway).”
  • The London Symphony Orchestra – Tommy — 2xLP box set with Daltrey, Townshend, Rod Stewart, Ringo Starr and a plethora of guests with the London Symphony Orchestra. A $1 bin find it’s in VG+ shape.
  • Electric Light Orchestra – Discovery — “Shine a Little Love,” “Don’t Bring Me Down,” “Last Train to London,” “Confusion” and “The Diary of Horace Wimp.” I love ELO and didn’t really realize how much until I was researching for the VSS stuff last year. A $1 bin find. VG+.
  • Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me — This was sitting on the counter in front of Jonathan and I asked about it. It’s Berry Gordy’s son and has that one catchy tune with Michael Jackson. $1. VG+.
  • Foreigner – Double Vision — I had this (their sophomore effort) already but it was the 2nd pressing cover. This is the original cover. Including “Hot Blooded,” “Blue Morning, Blue Day” and the title track. I found it in the $1 bin and it is VG+.
  • Foreigner – Foreigner — The debut album with “Feels Like the First Time,” “Cold as Ice” and “Long, Long Way from Home.” It was in the $1 bin and it’s also VG+.
  • Various – Peter And The Wolf / The Sorcerer’s Apprentice — Side 1 is Peter, Side 2 is Apprentice. $1 bin find. Not in the greatest of shape. Good at best. Fair most likely.

This haul was the biggest we’ve had in a while. Underdog Records was celebrating their fifth anniversary and there were sales happening. Remember that Underdog Records is THE Official Music Sponsor of The Less Desirables. Make sure you listen to the latest episode each week (on Wednesday night) to hear the weekly TLD/UDR special.

Discogs is where I keep my collection in check. It’s a great app and tool.

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“All that I have left is the sound of my own breath and then darkness falls so quiet. Here’s a feeling I’ve had many times before. Every time you leave it’s your arms that I bereave then the next time to leave’s yours. I watch the ghosts of your footsteps by our door.” – “Darkness Falls So Quiet” (Atkins)