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Today is the 45th anniversary of Hall & Oates’ Abandoned Luncheonette album. And whilst searching for a cover of “She’s Gone,” I came across a shload of covers for Steelheart’s song called “She’s Gone.” This one got a lot of “reaction videos” made and I had to give it a listen, then I couldn’t pass up playing it. Sorry, Daryl and John. I have to admit, I love the original and still do, but this is pretty righteous… or not. You decide and enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“She’s gone out of my life. I was wrong. I’m to blame. I was so untrue. I can’t live without her love. In my life. There’s just an empty space. All my dreams are lost. I’m wasting away. Forgive me, girl.” – “She’s Gone” (Matijevic)