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Today, I welcomed a new co-host on The Man Who Ate the Town today, Ray Morgan. He did a great job and we had a great conversation. We talked about a few places closing (albeit temporarily) and discussed the NC ABC board. Lots of good stuff. You can hear that episode HERETLDNetwork

Also, we recorded two episodes of The Beer Dads and had some good conversations with great beer. You can hear that episode HERE.

I do want to talk for a second about the Ardmore Neighborhood Chili Cookoff (that we talk a little bit about today on TMWATT. It turns out that it has been postponed until January, so get your recipes ready and enter! You have an extra two months now to come up with that killer vat o’chili! Get cookin’!

Until tomorrow, happy listening!
Scorp out!

“I love to cook. I make an award-winning turkey chili.” – Joely Fisher