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Finally, after a break of several weeks, I have a haul to write about. Yay, me! It was good to get back in Underdog Records, see Jonathan, bin dive and then actually getting some good record listening time in. Here’s what we got:



  • New Order – Movement — The debut album from New Order after the death of Ian Curtis and thus ending Joy Division. The BCPF says “this is my jam.” Needless to say, she likes it. I didn’t mind it. It was decent. New.
  • Nirvana – Nevermind — In September when the anniversary of this album came around, I went to play it in honor of the milestone. I looked and looked and looked. I couldn’t find it. I looked on Discogs and it wasn’t there, either. I keep a list of the RS list to see what I have collected from it. It wasn’t marked there, either. I was flabbergasted. How did I not have it? Well, I didn’t and now, I can’t say that anymore. I got it yesterday. I hated it when it came out. I hated the idea of grunge taking over the hair band scene. I’ve talked about that ad nauseum, so I’ll leave it be. This was new.
  • Pixies – Surfer Rosa — I actually got this last week when I couldn’t stay away from Underdog. It’s one of The BCPF’s faves and we know I want her to get what she wants, even when she didn’t know it was there to want. The record that is, she knew about the album. VG++.
  • Stan Getz – Captain Marvel — This album is great! Not only do you get the lyrical sexy saxy stylings of Stan Getz but you get Chick Corea on electric piano, Stanley Clarke on bass, Airto Moreira on percussion and drum hall of fame member (and drummer for Miles Davis) Tony Williams. Such great stuff. VG+.
  • Wings – Wings Over America — a 3xLP live album from Sir Paul (before he was Sir) and company. It is heavy, for sure. It feels like it weighs about 10 pounds, but really it is only about one. Haven’t listened yet. VG+.
  • George Harrison – Dark Horse — Not my favorite George album, but it has some great spots. The BCPF was excited to get it. VG+.
  • Randy Newman – Trouble In Paradise — I love Randy Newman and when I see something from him that I don’t already have, I need to get it. This has the hit “I Love LA” and a tune called “The Blues” which is a duet with Paul Simon. VG+.
  • Yes – Going For The One — The eighth studio album from Yes, which marked the return of Rick Wakeman who had left to do other things two albums prior. It’s only 5 songs but it is full-length. A lot of proggy goodness here. VG+.
  • The Who – Face Dances — The 1981 follow-up to the Quadrophenia album in 1979. It has the song “You Better You Bet” and is pretty fine. VG.
  • Atlantic Starr – All In The Name Of Love — I will admit that I purchased this (for $2) just because of one song. That song is “Always.” I have always loved it. It serves my R&B Slow Jam sensibilities. VG.
  • The Chipmunks – Urban Chipmunk — Yeah, you read that correctly. I’ve had more comments (positive ones) about this album than most any other recently. I even had someone offer to buy it from me already. Why? Because it’s a memory from our childhood. I wanted this when I was a kid and never got it. I had a cousin who had it. My sister had Chipmunk Punk which was a better album, but I wanted both of them. I haven’t found the Punk one and loved finding this one. And, yes, it is as awful as you’d think it would be, but that’s a glorious thing! Even though it was a $1 bin find, it was in VG+ condition.

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I use Discogs to keep track of my collection. I spent a lot of time bin diving with my app on the phone open so I could check that I did or didn’t have the great stuff I was finding.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I call you on the telephone my voice too rough with cigarettes. I sometimes feel I should just go home. But I’m dealing with a memory that never forgets. I love to hear you say my name especially when you say yes. I got your body right now on my mind and I drunk myself blind. To the sound of old T-Rex. To the sound of old T-Rex, who’s next?” – “You Better You Bet” (Townshend)