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This post has been coming for a few days now, so here it is! I know in my vast amount of friends, readers (locally), allies, foodies and such that there are some cooks and they like a good chili cookoff competition.

Don’t we all have our favorite hand-me-down or I-made-this-up-and-it’s-the-bombdiggity chili recipes? I know a good bit of you have done the cookoffs in the past. You want to show off those chili skills, don’t you? Yes. You do!



The Ardmore Neighborhood is having a chili cookoff on November 3 in the Miller Recreation Center and is in need of about eight to ten more chili cooks to have the competition. The location, again, is Miller Park Rec Center, 400 Leisure Lane. There are 2 categories – meat and veggie. Cooks are asked to prepare 2 gallons of chili. Samples will be available for free, and bowls will be sold for $1. Take-out is available. Cooks are asked to bring their chili in a crockpot and supply their own ladles and extension cords.

There is no entry fee to participate and there are prizes. There will be a People’s Choice, voted by the attendees. There will also be formal judging with prizes for each category. The prizes are three $25 visa gift cards and two $15 gift cards to Panera Bread. And, speaking of judges, as of right now, we will have both Mary Haglund of Mary’s Gourmet Diner and The Man Who Ate the Town’s own Tim Beeman (yeah, you know him) and we’re checking on a few more judges. I believe that Nikki Miller-Ka will be participating as a judge, as well!

Those who are interested should contact Kathy Pearre at pearre.kathy@gmail.com Tell her that I sent you!!!!!

Again, come, bring your chili goodness and have a good time with Mary, Nikki, me and more!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“My wife makes an amazing chili.” – Michael McKean