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I am actually writing this on Friday and scheduling it because I will be out all day today emceeing Pride. However, I had planned to write a big long blog post today about two KISS albums that are very important to me. Today, October 13 is the 36th Anniversary of Creatures of the Night and KISS Alive II is 41 tomorrow, so I’ll write about them tomorrow since we won’t have a chance to get by Underdog Records. Until then let’s play a cover (ish) of the title track of Creatures. I love drummers and I love chick drummers. This lady is playing this song, hit for hit with Eric Carr, including double bass and she’s doing it in a skirt and high heels! Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Breathing in the madness, spitting out the lies. Searching for an answer, keep your alibis. Don’t know where we’re going, just know where we’ve been. Remember when the clock strikes twelve, the losers always win. Ooh, we’re creatures of the night.” – “Creatures of the Night” (Mitchell/Stanley)