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So, 3B got me to watch a movie that I wasn’t wanting to ever watch. He got me to watch the first Hunger Games movie. I made fun of it because Jennifer Lawrence’s character is named Katniss and others in the movie also have silly names.



We watched and I have to admit, I found it interesting. I guess we’ll have to watch the others in the next few weeks, but we will have to do it earlier or pause in the middle because our dinner was late! I mean we didn’t eat until almost 10pm. That’s way too late. It’s not good for you and you feel nasty, at least I do. Luckily, it was light.

Yeah, I fell in. I didn’t want to. I wanted to hate it. I didn’t. It’s actually pretty interesting, even if there are holes in the whole premise. Perhaps if I read the books I’d get it more. I can hear you laughing, Dear Reader, because I’m laughing at myself with you. I don’t read, so that isn’t going to happen. Oh well.

Dinner was good, even though it was late. We had to make our own harissa sauce because Publix didn’t have any. It was good. I dug it. We had a “rose harissa salmon.” Being as we made our own it wasn’t “rose” harissa at all. But, my boy did well with it, just way too late. I gotta go wash dishes, now.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“May the odds be ever in your favor.” – Katniss Everdeen (and just about everyone else in the film)