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I want to be clear starting this post that I am not at all equating addiction to drugs or alcohol to what I’m going to talk about. I know that those addictions are life-altering and dangerous. People are dying every day because of these things that are many times beyond their control. I’m not going to argue with people who call it a choice. We’ve all done stupid things and sometimes your body must continue what you started. If you want to argue that, let me direct you to a lawyer friend of mine who deals with addicts every day. Okay, onto my thing. 

I have always had an addictive personality. Not to substances. But, I attribute that, in part, to the reasons I “collect” be it records, DVDs, CDs, Comics, and I attribute it to my love of lists and streaks. I find something I like and I have to have it more. Yes, I drink a good bit of alcohol but mostly only on Wednesdays and Saturdays. And, I’ve never done an illegal substance, not even weed. So, again, no substances.


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I have always loved video games. I’ve started playing games on my phone. I’ve never done Candy Crush but have played several in that vein like Toon Blast, Sugar Smash, Juice Jam, Cookie Jam, Block! Hexa, Panda Pop, Two Dots and Toy Blast. I also play a game called Legendary that is a cross between Candy Crush and Final Fantasy. I’ve done Angry Birds in several of their versions, too. All of them, I’ve been known to spend hours on. I’ve also been known to spend money on them. I’m not proud of it, it just happens. But, all of those seem to be mild compared to the one I discovered from an advert in one of the other games. One I downloaded a few months back and just forgot about.

I was sitting in my Friday morning networking group and I was early. I wanted to kill some time but didn’t want to play the things I already had because I knew I’d get into it and would be rude about playing it while we were actually meeting. I found this thing on my phone and said I won’t get too into this. Pffftt! Yeah, right. It was okay at first. I figured it out and played it up until the meeting. Then I was done. I left it for a few weeks and visited it again this week.

This game is called Bricks Breaker Quest. You have to smash blocks or bricks with balls and each brick has a number attached to it. You have to keep hitting those until the number reaches zero. But, if you have a brick with a number of 65, it’s hard because you only have 50 balls to start with. So, you have to be creative and bounce them off walls and other bricks to re-hit them to get rid of them all. And after each time the balls return to the base, the whole screen drops and will continue to create bricks until that round is over. If the bricks reach the bottom then you lose. Luckily, you can keep retrying without losing lives. But, man, you have to watch an advert each time you retry and between each level.

But, I find myself telling myself, oh, just one more. Okay after this one. Okay if I can’t get this…, One more. One more. One more. 

Well, this has been crazy. I was late to work on Monday and then late getting home, late playing last night and today, I was late for an appointment that I was needing to do. In fact, I missed the appointment and have to go back tomorrow. I itch a little. I get “bothered.” It’s messing with my head. It’s messing with my time. I should uninstall it from my phone, but I can’t bring myself to do it. But, still, I should. I understand this. I may if it continues. Right now, though, I’m going to stick it out and see if I can get over it. I won’t bother you with it any, I just wanted to talk about addiction.

Addiction of any kind is rough. Again, this isn’t anywhere near substance addiction and if you need help with any of that, I have hookups that can help you. Hit me up. Try this stupid game at your own risk. I do not recommend it if you value your time. But, it’s an addictive game and if you can handle it, try it. It’s fun. That’s all I got.

Until tomorrow, just one more…
Scorp out!

“I have a severe addiction to ‘Angry Birds.’ I always tell myself, ‘One more game…’ But then there’s always another and another and another.” – Kevin Nealon