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Hiya! I’m pigging today about The Man Who Ate the Town.


©Michael Hastings

Timmy VO was on and we had a lot to talk about. In fact, the show went around 45 minutes, which, for this show, is long. But, the conversations were fantastic, at least we thought so. We talked food, restaurants, happenings, and (yum!) tequila.

We do a section called “Tequila Time with Tim (J).” Tim and his wife are both big tequila fans and they don’t really do cheap crappy rotgut tequila. They do real tequila and Tim has taken the task to talk about and present tequila on the podcast. Today we had Casamigos Reposado. Casamigos was started by George Clooney and a few of his friends. They sold to Diageo last year. This had no burn, only a warm, earthy flavor that reminded me more of cigar scotch then tequila but the salty undertones that tequila is known for are certainly there as well.  It was great. I equated it to an old friend offering a comforting hug.

We also talked about Billy Bob’s Silver Diner’s destruction, its replacement, more about Honky Tonk Smokehouse, Bar on 4th being sold, Crazy Crab, Urban Soul on the Farm from Soul Food Sessions and more. Give the ep a listen HERE.

We appreciate the listen!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

““As soon as I got involved and revamped the menu and reorganized the restaurant, I realized it could be a franchise concept.” – Alex Kozakos