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Yesterday was “Parents’ Weekend” at Wake Forest University, so as anticipated, Mary’s Gourmet Diner was 30 folks deep outside the door so we’ll have to wait until next weekend to try the new menu there. The BCPF and I went on to Underdog Records, where we got a very short haul because it’s the end of the month and end of the quarter and that means funds are quite tight. So, here’s the “haul” if you can call it that…

  • Graham Parker – Another Grey Area — Graham Parker is the precursor to Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson and you can definitely hear it in his music. While this album came out after the others showed up, his influence is unmistakable. VG+.
  • The Motels – Little Robbers — Martha Davis has one of the best voices in pop, at least back in the early 80s. I haven’t heard her recently to know otherwise. But, this album is great and was a fun listen.

And, that’s it. Very short. And, we paid with quarters if that tells you how in a pinch we were. We spent the day catching up on other albums that we’ve purchased in the past few months but hadn’t a chance to listen to just yet. I will probably have a “Silent Sunday” next week as Underdog isn’t open this week as Jonathan and his best gal have gone on vacation and won’t be back until next Tuesday (at least at the store). Jonathan is in dire need of a vacation and I’m glad he’s going. We can catch up on back listening, perhaps. And, don’t forget that Underdog Records is THE Official Music Sponsor of The Less Desirables!

But, just because Underdog Records is closed, their website is open and you can order new vinyl 24/7/365. Jonathan said he was going to post some specials, so also continue to watch the Underdog social media for more on those.

And, while we stood in Underdog yesterday, I had my phone out with my Discogs app open. There were a few things that The BCPF found but I assured her we had them and weren’t missing out. But, also, we checked on the Motels album and we didn’t have it. So, keep up with your collection (CDs and cassettes, too) with Discogs. Use the randomizer feature, it’s fun.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“One summer never ends, one summer never began. It keeps me standing still, it takes all my will. And then suddenly last summer. Sometimes I never leave, but sometimes I would. Sometimes I stay too long, sometimes I would. Sometimes it frightens me, sometimes it would. Sometimes I’m all alone and wish that I could.” – “Suddenly Last Summer” (Davis)