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I was in The Less Desirables Studios in the Lab at Industry Hill today for a bit of work. In addition to The Man Who Ate the Town yesterday, last night we recorded a special episode of Fan Interference with TC’s ACC Network intern, Senior WFU volleyball player Hailey Brooke McFadden. I edited it today and posted it. You can hear that HERE.


Hailey McFadden

Also, we recorded the latest episode of Apartment 5B. This week was great. Rory and Jeff’s Throat Punch of the week, we talk about three fathers/father figures who are idiots… er “father of the year” candidates. We also talk about Columbia House and BMG Music clubs and how they led many children of the 90s into early debt, even though they didn’t really know it.  We also talked about history for this day, including music, birthdays and other items. It’s good stuff. Listen to it HERE.

So, we gave you a good bit to listen to over the last few days so, go listen and enjoy it!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Drumming was the only thing I was ever good at.” – John Bonham (d. September 25, 1980)