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This past Friday, The BCPF and I were invited to eat at a place called Honky Tonk


Smoked Turkey

Smokehouse and we really enjoyed our meal. So, today, I wrote a (very) long blog post about it and because of a scheduling snafu (my fault), I flew solo on The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast. I also talked about Sweet Aromaz moving to their new space on the podcast, too.

Since I did the podcast solo and wrote an almost 2000-word post, I feel that was enough writing for today. You can read the post HERE and listen to the podcast HERE.

Thanks for either or both if you’re so inclined.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Honky Tonk Smokehouse serves meats that are hand-pulled or sliced, not finely chopped, with a special barbeque sauce served on the side so the customer is in control of the taste.” – Honky Tonk Smokehouse