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This week will be a full complement of podcasts for The Less Desirables Network! There are currently five shows on the network and five podcasts this week. That doesn’t happen that often these days and one of them is a bi-weekly show (for now) so that would cause a little wrinkle in the “full complement” department.

Anywhat! Today we have produced/published three of them!


The Beer Dads took Labor Day off but return to talk about what fall/autumn brings and what kind of traditions they look forward to, dread or participate in. You can listen to that episode HERE.


Fan Interference is next and TC and I talk a little bit, or a lot, about Week 1 of the NFL, injuries, who looked good, who looked bad and how a tie is not a loss. We also talk about Nick Saban’s winning and whining ways. You can hear that episode HERE.

TMWATTLogoFinally, there’s The Man Who Ate the Town and “The Tims” talk about Chef Travis Myers (because why wouldn’t you?), Mary’s Gourmet Diner, The BCPF’s and my trip to Boston, food holidays and history. New conversations and segments coming to this show. You can hear this week’s episode HERE.

As always, thank you, Dear Reader, for reading my rantings and thank you if you’re a listener to any of our podcasts. If you’re not, you’re a “short timer” and it’s only a matter of time!

Until tomorrow, keep listening…
Scorp out!

“The Regulars are coming!” – Paul Revere