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So, we’ve made it to Boston, Dear Reader. The flights up (to Laguardia in NYC and then to Boston) were pretty good. I am a fan of Delta’s Comfort+ class of seats. But, we were able to grab an Uber to our hotel and the driver sounded just like Cliff Claven. John Ratzenberger was pretty spot on with his Bostonian accent. Then again, he’s from Bridgeport, Connecticut, so…?


Outside “Cheers”

Our hotel is old and quaint but it’s a charming little hostel and it has some serious history. Well, it’s in Boston so why wouldn’t it have a history? We got here just prior to noon so we couldn’t check in just yet, but they stowed our bags and we went walking.

The Omni Parker House is right off of the Boston Common so we walked all the way around it, not knowing where we were going and ended up in front of the Bull & Finch bar which was the inspiration for the bar (and was the outside shot of the bar) in the television show Cheers. So, of course, we needed to go in and have a beer. The downstairs was very small but there was a bar upstairs, as well. We made our way up there and had us a “Cheers Beer” that is made from Ipswitch Brewing and the tap handle had a bobblehead of Norm. It’s a pilsner style beer and it was really good.

We have made it back to our hotel and let me tell you, Dear Reader, Boston is every bit as hilly as WSNC is. I should have thought to take the name of the area, “Beacon Hill,” fo’ serious! I have to let my phone charge a little because I packed up my charger last night and it’s on fumes. Plus, we were able to get checked and settled in. But, I’m sure we’ll do something fun tonight. I’ll talk about it tomorrow, okay?

Until then, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Roll out of bed, Mr. Coffee’s dead. the morning’s looking bright. And, your shrink ran off to Europe and didn’t even write. And, your husband wants to be a girl. Be glad there’s one place in the world where everybody knows your name.” – “Where Everybody Knows Your Name (The Theme to ‘Cheers’)”: extended version” (Portnoy/Angelo)