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Tonight we recorded The Less Desirables and had a fantastic time with my friends, including the guest, Beth Blair and a friend of mine and the show’s Nutrimom TB, talking art, massage, healing, life, beer, everything! You can listen to that HERE! Around 9pm, though, my vacation started. What does that mean? Well, duh, that vacation just started, jeez.


Boston Skyline (©Juergen Roth)

I kid. It means that there won’t be much social media tomorrow, as opposed to regular Thursdays. It also means that here I am at 11:40p writing a blog post when I have to get up in less than five hours to get to the airport to catch a plane to Beantown. It means that I’ll be really tired in a few hours. It means that I’ll have a shload of fun. It will be fun, dang it!

I will still blog each day whilst I’m gone, but it may be anything like a long-winded post, a video, a picture, a thought, an observation, it may be any danged thing I want it to be. So, really, nothing has changed from normal. I’m just telling you that the random shite that may come from my fingers may be even more random than usual. You have been warned.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, Dear Reader. I’m going to enjoy mine. And you should certainly watch my social media because you know I’m going to be posting all kinds of stuff.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I’m a sailor peg and I’ve lost my leg. Climbing up the topsails, I’ve lost my leg! I’m shipping up to Boston, whoa!” – “Shipping Up to Boston” (Guthrie)