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Yesterday was normal for us, other than we only got about five LPs from Underdog Records. Mostly it’s because we’re trying to save our money for our trip this week. If you will remember how I sprung the trip to Boston on The BCPF, and this is that trip. Plus, a week from today, there will not be a “Spinning Sunday” post but the BIG anniversary post, as that will be #4 for us. Anywhat! That’s next week, let’s do this week.

  • Etta James – Miss Etta James — The only Etta James that I had before this was At Last and that is a fine one to have if it’s your only. So, The BCPF actually picked this one up and I’m glad she did. I am a fan of Ms. James. VG.
  • Whitesnake – Slide It In — The Whitesnake album that really broke them out, and not to be confused with the ’87 album that blew them up. I know plenty of WS fans that prefer this one to the ’87. I am not one of them because I love the ’87 album. But, in all honesty, I’ve not given this album a fair shake, yet. That will happen, hopefully, before I leave. VG.
  • Various – Together – Today’s Love Hits – All Originals — The BCPF and I just laughed the whole time this album played yesterday. It came out in 1979 and that era for “love hits” was really K-R-A-F-T! But, it did contain a few of the songs we hear on the “Yacht Rock” channel on SiriusXM. It’s listed in VG+ condition but there are some serious skips on it. So I think it’s really closer to VG or even VG-.
  • The Time – The Time — The debut album by Morris Day and company. As is par for the course, at least in their early days, this album only has six songs. However, it did have three singles on it. This is before “Jerome” (Jerome Benton) came along. VG-.
  • Emmylou Harris – Cimarron —$1 bin find by The BCPF. We haven’t listened to it yet, so I don’t know what to expect. She’s big on Emmylou and that’s good enough for me. It seems to be in VG.

So, see? It was a short week. There were things that I really wanted during the week but, as I said, we were watching our spending but in two weeks, I’m sure we’ll have a larger list. The monthly budget resets then, too. Go by Underdog Records to see what we left for you. The weather was nice yesterday so Jonathan was able to put the $1 records outside. I always like when he does that.

I use Discogs to track what I have (like when I made sure that I didn’t already have that K-Tel album) and to purchase those hard-to-find used albums.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I’m gonna slide it in right to the top. Slide it in, I ain’t never gonna stop. Slide it in, right to the top. I’m gonna slide it in, slide it in, slide it, in baby.” – “Slide It In” (Coverdale)