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Over on The Man Who Ate the Town blog today, I wrote about an event I went to eiffel tour1yesterday. My pal, Our Jim Young and I went to try cheese at the Winston-Salem Open, thanks to Cheeses of Europe and 15° Marketing. To hear about what we got to taste, you have to go over there to read about it. And, heck, I walked away with 6.25 lbs of Roquefort Cheese and 8 lbs of French butter. So, they’re in my freezer. If you need any, let me know. I’m going to give some away. Seriously, let me know.

Read the article HERE.

Until tomorrow, stay cheesy!
Scorp out!

“With cheese, you want to see it, smell it, feel it. The smell of it is so important to how it tastes. A lot of people at our sampling today who say they don’t want to try it because it may smell a little bit. But, after I convince them to just try it, it becomes their favorite cheese.” – Richard Clarke