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So, this week, on a Monday, I have three podcasts to post to you about, because I posted them all today. Yay me!


Making a crêpe at Penny Path!

We were able to do Fan Interference today and TC talked about NFL, his Redskins, injuries, ridiculous rules, NBA, money and so on. You can hear that episode, HERE.

On The Man Who Ate the Town, “The Tims” talk about Atelier on Trade, Canteen Market & Bistro and Penny Path Café and Crêpe Shop. You can hear that episode, HERE.

And, finally, The Beer Dads talk about how their tastes in beer and styles may have changed over the last few years. You can hear that episode, HERE.

At The Less Desirables Network, we really appreciate you listening to all of our shows and I appreciate it, too. I also appreciate you reading this blog every day. You do, right? Sure you do!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Located at 4th and Spruce, Canteen Market & Bistro is a small, urban food and beverage market and a full-service, bistro-style bar & restaurant.” – Canteen Market & Bistro