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So, you know last night I said I had something to write about, right?

Well, that “something” was the addition (and somewhat subtraction) of the Apartment 5B Podcast to The Less Desirables Podcast Network! We have been doing Apartment 5B since February, publishing them (usually) every two weeks. We are working on getting the frequency to weekly because studies show that a weekly produced podcast is more likely to get listened to than one of any less frequency. A5BLogoTestCrop

Well, what is Apartment 5B, you ask? I’ll tell ya. First, 5B was the apartment number of Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld. Since this is basically a pop culture podcast, with TV being a huge part of it, why not use a good pop culture reference? Why not indeed.

The tagline for this podcast is “Your Podcast home for Irrational Conversations
with the Cool Breezes of Anytown, USA.” It can be about anything or about nothing. See the pattern here? We talk television, movies, music, weird news, we spin a wheel and decide what random topic we’ll talk about.

Does any of that sound familiar? It’s really what The Less Desirables podcast started out being and it’s what I wanted it to become. Don’t get me wrong. I love The Less Desirables and what it has become but it wasn’t my original idea. Also, this isn’t my show. It’s the brainchild of Jeff Evans and “Rory.” I’m just trying to get it more traction by introducing the TLDN audiences to a new podcast. I’m even a “cast member” that goes by the name “Producer Tim.”

If you’re wanting to hear a fun (and sometimes explicit) podcast, give Apartment 5B a try. You can find it on The Less Desirables Network website. We release them every other Tuesday evening, currently. Again, we’re looking to up the frequency. You can find this week’s episode HERE. Enjoy it!


Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The aim is to have fun with the ‘everyday,’ or at least our everyday. That usually is shared agitation, alcohol appreciation, ridiculous journalism, sports, pop culture – you name it, it’s all there, simultaneously inappropriate and hilarious.” – Apartment 5B Podcast