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Today I was scheduled to do three podcasts but TC couldn’t be there due to an appointment.


Timmy VO doing his food thing.

But, I did two. And, that was fun.

First, let’s talk about this week’s The Beer Dads. Can you believe we have been doing it for 3½ years? Yep. And in that time we have gone through a few changes: kids graduating, kids starting law school, kids driving, it’s a lot. But, that was last week’s show. This week’s show is about what may have changed in us; our views, opinions, etc. It’s a good show. You can hear it HERE.

Now, to The Man Who Ate the Town. Last week I put out a call to get a temporary podcast co-host while we wait for Kelly’s return. I really didn’t have to look very far because my pal Timmy VO stepped up and took the spot. The show was snappy and speedy but that’s okay. He had fun and we got to hang out, so that can’t be bad. Tim J. brings voice-over experience, he and his wife are friends of mine (his wife I’ve known for 30 years), he is a personal trainer (so he’ll bring that aspect), and we just like hanging. His wife and he are big into clean eating, home eating as well as going to good restaurants. He adds a lot to the show. You can hear that episode HERE.

To be clear… Kelly has NOT left the show. She’s doing her business and that’s okay with me.

Hope you enjoy the episodes because we had a fun time recording them.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I really like food and I like beer, so…” – Tim Johnson