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At Underdog Records yesterday, I was able to finally, once and for all, tackle a certain Beatles problem that I have had over the last few years. You’ll find out about it in this haul:



  • The Beatles – Rubber Soul — So, I have been burned (by my own self) over and over finding this on vinyl. Either it’s just a really sucky copy (usually with tape around the sleeve to keep it from falling apart and really scratchy vinyl) or I find a really good copy and it turns out to be the American version. And, to be honest, I hate the American versions of Beatles albums. Mainly, it’s just not what I’m used to. I have the entire Beatles catalog on CD in a box set and that’s the UK versions, to me, the real versions. So, I bought it brand new to finally kill the frustration. Now, the caveat here is that this is in mono. I don’t know how I feel about that, yet. I know the general consensus of folks when comparing the two, agree that the mono versions are probably more in tune with what they were trying to do. I will reserve judgment on that until I listen. All that being said, I finally have finished the Top 10 of the RS list as this sits at #5. Now, I only have 4 more to before the Top 25 is finished. I am sitting at 199 of the 500 on vinyl, right now.
  • The Clientele – Suburban Light — The BCPF loved the other album by The Clientele so she wanted to give this one a try. Sure enough, she loved it, too. I dug it also. New.
  • Coldplay – X&Y — Not my favorite Coldplay album (we know that’s Parachutes) but this 2xLP was there in “like new” condition for about half the cost so I couldn’t pass it up. This is where they started to lose me but I find that when I revisit, usually I can change my mind. We’ll see. NM+.
  • Pavement – Wowee Zowee — It’s weird that Pavement is a The BCPF band. It seems, all at once, to be totally against everything you’d think she’d like and totally everything she likes in one package. I don’t know how I feel about them, and there is another Pavement album we have to get because of the RS list, but this wasn’t on it. VG+.
  • The Autumn Defense – The Green Hour — Another that The BCPF really wanted. This was a past “Record Store Day” selection and one of only 500 pressed in the world, so it’s rare. We couldn’t pass it up. VG++.
  • Emmylou Harris – Blue Kentucky Girl — Not my favorite from Ms. Harris. I did get a little nostalgia because it reminded me of Ma Père listening to his records, even though he didn’t do that a lot. He didn’t play Emmylou but definitely this style. But, The BCPF wanted it and well, she gets what she wants (when I can help it). VG+.
  • Supertramp – Paris — A 2xLP live album from Supertramp’s Breakfast in America tour with minimal overdubs – or so they say. I hate they left off “Give a Little Bit” and “Goodbye Stranger” but it seems like the rest of the set is pretty sound. The reason for “Give a Little Bit” was that all the versions over several shows were awful. It was re-released in the CD/DVD anniversary edition of Breakfast… This was in VG+ condition.
  • Randy Newman – Good Old Boys — #394 on the RS list. This means that I have all of the RS entries for Randy Newman. I like him a lot. I always thought of him as a novelty act because a lot of his stuff is novelty-type songs, at least what I had always heard. But, he really digs in. I couldn’t get over the audacity of the song “Rednecks” but realized pretty quickly that it was not sensationalizing racism but actually mocking it. Still… even Newman felt weird performing it. VG+.
  • Bruce Willis – The Return Of Bruno — Yes, Bruce Willis, who I think has a decent voice and can play a mean harmonica. As I stated on social media with several people agreeing with me, it’s not a great album, it’s not a classic, it’s not a masterpiece. But, it is a decent album and it’s very entertaining. I know I had it on cassette when it came out, following the “mockumentary” that it accompanied, I may have it on CD, but I’m not certain. But, I enjoyed it and saw it and couldn’t pass it up.
  • INXS – INXS — INXS’ debut album and it’s not at all what I expected. It’s very new wavey and poppy and I loved it. At times Michael Hutchence’s voiced sounded like Tim Curry, but I also dig Tim Curry, so that’s great. It was more synth-driven and I had never heard any of the songs, that I knew of. It was a record company promo with a sticker on the front cover with checkboxes for “recommended selections.” Nothing had been checked. I found this in the $1 bin, but I’d still rate it around VG+ because it was in really good condition.
  • Eddie CantorBert WilliamsVan And SchenckJohn SteelIrving Berlin – Ziegfeld Follies Of 1919 —  A very entertaining recording (and accompanying booklet) of the famous Ziegfeld Follies vaudeville-like theatrical revue put on by Florenz Ziegfeld. And, did you know that Ziegfeld was married to Billie Burke? That’s right, he was married to Glinda, the Good Witch. This was a really great listen and it was a $1 bin find. VG/VG+.
  • The Melachrino Orchestra – Paris, The Sounds, The Sights — Another $1 bin find in which there is an accompanying booklet. This is about our beloved city of Paris and includes a guide to the sights and attractions of the City of Light, from 1956. We can’t wait to listen. VG.
  • Franz SchubertKarl BöhmBerliner Philharmoniker – Symphonies — A 5xLP collection of Schubert symphonies including Symphonie Nrs. 1-6, 8, 9 and “Rosamunde” which was written for the play Rosamunde, Fürstin von Zypern, by Helmina von Chézy. It was a $1 bin find but I believe the vinyl is VG+.

A decent haul this week, I think. Jonathan had just returned from a short sabbatical to Atlanta with his dad and he seemed a bit more recharged. A happy Jonathan means a happy Underdog Records. Speaking of Underdog and Atlanta… even though I hate the Atlanta Braves, it’s Jonathan’s favorite team. When the Braves complete a sweep of a series (which hasn’t happened a lot this year), there’s a “sweep sale” at Underdog Records. That can mean a variety of things so I recommend you watch their social media to see what that may be. Plus, the social media platforms is the best place to keep track of new arrivals to the store. Be the first to know and try to “Beat Beeman.” That is apparently a thing. Also, listen to The Less Desirables each week to hear the TLD/UDR special of the week.

And, when I’m there since my collection has grown, I can always cross-reference my collection to make sure I’m not doubling up on anything by using Discogs. I keep better track of my collection, my purchases and as was the case this week, let others track my collection to see if there’s anything to trade. Now, for the record, I don’t get rid of much but if it’s something I absolutely need, I may consider it.

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“She’s a rounder I can tell you that. She can sing ’em all night, too. She’ll raise hell about the sleep she lost, but even cowgirls get the blues.” – “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues” (Crowell)