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I can’t tell you how excited I am that I have my The Less Desirables logo up on the wall in the TLD studio in The Lab at Industry Hill. Kyle Woodall came this morning from Machine Gun Graphics and put it up for me. It’s 54″ big!


Thanks Machine Gun Graphics!

I haven’t had a logo since we moved TLD from the studios on Fourth Street! When we moved from there, I tried to move the old logo by myself. After some work, I was able to finally get the logo off the wall and onto a shower curtain, per the manufacturer’s instructions. However, when I went to try and put it up in the Test Pattern studios, again by myself, it got stuck to itself and I ripped it in two places trying to get it unstuck. That ruined it, plus it was all wrinkly. So, frustrated, I just wadded it up and tossed it directly into the curbside trash can.

Well, The Less Desirables has a fantastic sponsor (one of our newest) and it’s Machine Gun Graphics. I talk about them every week and have posted about them, but really I can’t tell you how awesome this thing is. Brian and I have always been proud of the logo and to see it again, in all its glory, is amazing. I liked having the guests and my cohosts behind me in the pics but I really missed having them in front of the logo. Now, I can do that again! Can you tell I’m excited?

Machine Gun Graphics do things like this big wall sticker but they do T-shirts, jackets, sweatpants, stickers, bumper stickers, magnets, hats, patches, anything you can think of getting printed, MGG is your hookup! They are eco-friendly and eco-minded. Most of their inks are eco-friendly and they are able to get eco-friendly garments as well. They do orders large and small. They joke that they can do anything from 12-120,000 units but they’re not really kidding about that. And, hey, Kyle and Nikki are just fantastic people, easy to work with and get your things done! And they’re local!

Don’t want to go back and forth trying to design your stuff on the phone? Simple solution: go to their website and use their free design shop and design your own stuff. It is really that simple. They stand by their products and I stand by them!

Thank you, Kyle and Nikki, for just being that awesome!

Until tomorrow, happy to have his logo back…
Scorp out!

“Always turns out quality products and will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are beyond happy with what you get. Best prices around.” – Connor Royals of Machine Gun Graphics