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The BCPF and I did our Saturday thang all around. Mary’s Gourmet Diner, Underdog Records, Willows Bistro. I have to say, I made out with a great collection of Judas Priest albums. I have never really been huge into them but their older stuff is awesome, especially their first album, which I got. Speaking of which:


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  • Judas Priest – Rocka Rolla — The first Priest album. However, it wasn’t first here in the US. It was first in the UK and Europe in 1974. But, it wasn’t released here until 1979. This was back when Rob Halford was still “Bob” Halford. It wasn’t the “metal” Priest, either, just good early- to mid-70s hard rock. Great stuff. VG++!
  • Judas Priest – Sad Wings Of Destiny  — The second Priest album. They got a little harder on this one and started shaping up for what was the Priest to come. VG++.
  • Judas Priest – Sin After Sin — The third Priest album. Jonathan has it rated at VG and I haven’t listened to it yet, but J tends to be conservative in his ratings which is good, he doesn’t want to oversell anything. I have a feeling that this is probably closer to VG+. He says it has some surface noise but sometimes, that’s the beauty of vinyl.
  • Judas Priest – Unleashed In The East (Live In Japan) — I already had the fourth album from Priest (Stained Class) and haven’t found the fifth yet (Killing Machine or in the US it was called Hell Bent for Leather) but then comes this album, their first live album. I found it at Underdog Records in VG condition and again, I feel it is probably a little closer to VG+ but I’m going with VG.
  • Judas Priest – Turbo — Then comes the one everyone hates… except me. I don’t have the sixth studio album (British Steel), the seventh (Point of Entry) – which Jonathan had but I passed on it for whatever reason. I do have the eighth (Screaming For Vengeance). Jonathan had the ninth (Defenders of the Faith) but for whatever reason, I skipped on it, and then this one.  This was a very pop-heavy album. And by pop-heavy I mean it was filled with a poppier sound but it was also heavy. Many Priest purists down it because it wasn’t “their Judas Priest.” However, it was the first real introduction I had to any of their stuff and I loved it. I loved it more than most of their stuff I got to know later. So, “Parental Guidance” and “Turbo Lover” are some of my favorite Priest tunes. I get how cheesy they can be but I still loved it. It’s the first time, I believe, I’ve owned this record, though. VG+.
  • Bob Dylan – Infidels — I am so hit-or-miss with Dylan, especially the older he got. This came out in 1983 and I really don’t like all the scoopy-whiny crap he resorted to. This was VG+.
  • Bob Dylan – Empire Burlesque — Dylan’s next studio album after Infidels. Oddly enough, I didn’t hate it. There were some cheesish things on there but it wasn’t awful. This, too, was VG+.
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers – Catch A Fire — This is the 1974 reissue of the 1973 album. I have gotten to really like Marley even though I’m still not a huge fan of reggae as a whole. This though was pretty much background noise after a while. It was in VG condition.
  • Ric Ocasek – Beatitude — This album was really crappy which was a disappointment because I’m a fan of The Cars. I was hoping it would have been Cars-like but it was disjointed and seemed to have no cohesion throughout. It was in VG shape.
  • No Artist – Living French: A Complete Language Course — The BCPF and I are huge fans of the French, their language, their culture, them. We have both taken French over the course of our lifetimes. We got this 4×10″ set mainly because of the books that came with the set and it was only $1. I’d say the cover box was in VG- condition but the 10″ records inside were in VG+.
  • Daniel Ash – Coming Down — This was a “bucket list” item for The BCPF. I purchased it from Discogs Marketplace and this was the second attempt. The first attempt led to the seller not finding it. It worked out okay, though, I have another album I need on its way (both the replacement and this came from Europe/UK). So, she was excited because I didn’t tell her that I ordered another. I like giving her the things she likes. VG++.

I really wish I would have gotten those two Priest albums that I passed on at Underdog Records. Part of it was the cost was piling up, but I just said, Nah. I figure he sold them both before the end of the day. I’m going to check on Tuesday when he opens back up but I’m not getting my hopes up. I really encourage you to watch the Facebook and Instagram accounts for Underdog, because he always posts exciting things he’s getting in, be it equipment, re-stock or freshly acquired used stuff.

And, as you can see, you can get your “bucket list” stuff on Discogs Marketplace. I’d say 99% of the sellers are really easy to work with and they’re usually spot on about their grade ratings and are willing to work with you to make all right. I love buying from there. You just have to watch shipping from EU and UK as those costs can add up. I try to only buy from those who state their shipping costs up front.

Until tomorrow, keep spinning!
Scorp out!

You say I waste my life away, but I live it to the full. And how would you know anyway, you’re just mister dull. Why don’t you get into the things we do today? You could lose twenty years right away, so we say. We don’t need, no, no no no parental guidance here.” – “Parental Guidance” (Tipton/Downing/Halford)