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Tonight, after finishing up the recording of The Less Desirables podcast, and after the co-hosts and guest had left, I was trying to do all the website updates and RSS feed when the power suddenly went out. I really don’t know what happened with it but it threw me off completely.


The Lab at Industry Hill around 9am

I’m used to doing things a certain way and that routine was definitely broken. My computers stayed up but my hard drives and most importantly, my internet connection went caput so I had nothing to do but shut off things and go home.

In doing so, it threw everything behind and again, my routine was off. So, here I am at almost midnight having done all the stuff I needed to do, most of it from home instead of the studio, so I had to move some things around to be able to make it work. But, it threw me off schedule so that’s all I’m going to write tonight. Tomorrow should be better.

Until tomorrow, keepin’ the lights on…
Scorp out!

“Electricity is really just organized lightning.” – George Carlin