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It was a big week from Underdog Records this time around. Not just yesterday but Friday as well. Jonathan had purchased a large number of records and immediately went in and pulled all the $1 records to go ahead and get those out for sale. I happened across them and snatched about 13 $1 records that I couldn’t let get past me. Here’s what we got:


©Warner Bros.

  • Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique — #156 on the RS list. 3B is really into rap/hip-hop so I’m going to show him the stuff that happened before the current trend of mumbling that’s going on. New
  • Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures — The BCPF is a Joy Division fan. She wanted it and, by golly, I like giving her things she wants. Although I am somewhat familiar with Joy Division, I’d say this was like a cross between The Doors and Talking Heads with dark sprinkles on top. It was a great album, though. New.
  • Black Sabbath – Paranoid — #131 on the RS list. I never really cared for Black Sabbath, as a whole, but the more I listen, the more I like. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t dislike them, I just didn’t care one way or the other. I liked Ozzy’s solo stuff. I also liked the Sabbath “hits,” just not the album stuff. Or at least I thought that was the case. It wasn’t, ultimately. “Paranoid,” “Iron Man,” “Planet Caravan” and “War Pigs.” ‘Nuff said! New.
  • Talking Heads – More Songs About Buildings And Food — #383 on the RS List. I filled quite a few slots on that list this week. This isn’t my favorite Heads album but it’s not bad. I think my only frown on this is that it has the much-overplayed “Take Me to the River.” And, even that isn’t too awful. New.
  • The Beatles – Yellow Submarine — Trying to build up my Beatles collection, too. I also bought a copy of Rubber Soul but I’m going to take that back because it’s the crappy US version and I want the far superior UK version. The songs on this album are great, of course, because it’s the Beatles on drugs. That was the best period or at least my favorite period. I really think George Martin’s orchestrations on the second side are beautiful. VG+
  • Patti Smith – Horses — #44 on the RS list. I caught this one being graded by Jonathan and snatched it right away. It was a great album and we enjoyed listening to it. VG.
  • Cheap Trick – Heaven Tonight — Trying to get caught up on my Cheap Trick needs and this a step in the right direction. It doesn’t make up for my missing In Color both because it’s my favorite CT album but also because it’s on the RS list. But, that being said, this is a fantastic album. VG+.
  • Alice Cooper – Flush The Fashion — I always run my Alice acquisitions by Eugene because he’s my “Alice Guru.” I sent him a picture of this (and the next) and he sent back his approval. I told him that I’m upping my “Alice Game.” He was a happy camper. VG.
  • Alice Cooper – Alice Cooper Goes To Hell — As with the last one, Eug was happy, although less enthused about this as Flush. But, it’s another notch in my Alice collection. VG+.
  • After The Fire – ATF — You know I’m not afraid to buy an entire album for one song, especially when it’s $1 or $2. I did for this one. “Der Kommissar” is on this album and I love their version. It was VG.
  • Elton John – Greatest Hits — #136 on the RS List. Being as it’s a compilation, I didn’t listen when I did the list, but, I didn’t have to, I have had it on CD for many, many, many years. It’s jammed-packed with “hits” and darn good ones, too. VG/VG+.
  • Styx – Crystal Ball — I know Styx gets crapped on all the time, but you know what? I’m unashamedly a fan. Rabid fan? Nah. But, I dig their stuff. It was Tommy Shaw’s debut with the band and he sang the album’s only Top 40 hit, “Mademoiselle.” It was a $1 bin find and in fairly good shape. I’ll go with VG.
  • U2 – Boy — I believe this was one of my two favorite $1 bin finds of the weekend. It’s #417 on the RS list and is, of course, U2’s debut album from 1980. Even though it was in the $1 bin, it’s in really good shape. VG/VG+.
  • Starz  – Starz — Another one that I ran by Eug because he’s also my “Starz Guru.” He sent back “Excellent! Every Starz album is awesome.” So, I’m taking that as it is a win! $1 bin find and VG.
  • Greg Kihn Band – Rockihnroll — Another that I purchased for one song, “The Breakup Song (They Don’t Write ‘Em).” Again, it was only $1 so why not? VG.
  • Berlin – Pleasure Victim — I love Terri Nunn’s voice. That, plus this being a $1 pulled me to purchase the album, but it also has “Sex (I’m A…),” “Masquerade” and “The Metro” and you just can’t go wrong with those tunes. VG.
  • Chic – C’est Chic —  “Le Freak” for $1. Okay. VG.
  • Paul Revere & The Raiders – Paul Revere & The Raiders’ Greatest Hits — $1 bin find. VG.
  • The Raiders – Indian Reservation — $1 bin find. VG.
  • John Cougar – Nothin’ Matters And What If It Did — I don’t recognize any of the song titles on this 1980 album but it was $1 and it had Edith Massey on the cover which makes it something I can’t pass up. Massey played Edie the woman obsessed with eggs and the “Egg Man” in John Waters’ film Pink Flamingos. The BCPF considers this her favorite most hated film, ever. It’s in G+ condition.
  • Tom T. Hall – We All Got Together And… — I have really gotten into the country “crap” that I had to listen to from Ma Père growing up. Tom T. Hall was one of those. $1 and G+.
  • Tom T. Hall – For The People In The Last Hard Town – Same as the previous, it’s Tom T. Hall and it has “I Love” on it, so that helps. $1 and VG.
  • The Call – Reconciled — I’m familiar with the name The Call but not the music, at least that I know of. I do know they’re one of those mid- to late-80s pop bands that I like so much, so let’s try it out. It’s only $1 and in VG.
  • The Call – Into The Woods — As is the case with the last one, $1 and VG.
  • The Who – Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy — Compilation album in which the outer sleeve is in dreadful condition. It looks like it had lain in the snow for an entire winter, all puffed and bubbly. The vinyl looks to be in decent condition but I’m rating it at about G+ and it was $1.
  • David Lee Roth – Eat ‘Em And Smile — The other that I am very excited about. I loved this album from the first time I ever heard it and when I moved to WSNC, it was the first time that I had MTV at my disposal and the video for “Yankee Rose” was one of my favorites! The whole thing was awesome and fun to listen to. It was in the $1 bin but I’m going with VG/VG+, even, because I think it is great shape.
  • Miles Davis – In Person, Friday Night At The Blackhawk, San Francisco, Volume I — Remember from many months back when I came across that bonus stack of records that I didn’t even know I had had for? This was part of that. There is still a huge stack of jazz and classical albums I haven’t even gone through, yet, but I am (very) slowly getting through that and this was one that I dug out for this week. I know nothing of it. I’m going with VG.

Whew! That was a large addition week. Jonathan is taking on some hired help to get Underdog Records up to the next level. He says he probably has tons of sellable inventory that he can’t get to because he’s stuck behind the counter and already works a shload of hours that he just can’t keep up with it all. I can’t wait to see what comes from his findings because I’ve gone through all the used stuff that he’s had for the last bit. But, it should bring in new customers when he (and I because I do a lot of advertising for him) starts advertising the stuff on Underdog Records’ social media platforms. So, be on the lookout!!

I didn’t add any Discogs Marketplace acquisitions this week but I did do some dealings with them. You’ll find out more about those when I get them. It will be good stuff. But, use it to keep track of your collection; it’s a great tool.

Until tomorrow, keep spinning!
Scorp out!

“I was on the outside when you said you said you needed me. I was looking at myself, I was blind, I could not see. A boy tries hard to be a man. His mother takes him by the hand. If he stops to think, he starts to cry. Oh, why? If you walk away, walk away, I walk away, walk away. I will follow.” – “I Will Follow” (Hewson/Evans/Mullen/Clayton)